How do I get word out about my business?

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Question by Krista: How do I get word out about my business?
I have a small startup business selling bridal gowns and accessories wholesale to the public and stores, and I am having a hard time, well... "starting up".

I have no money to put into advertisement, and I have posted on every free place I can find.

Any ideas on free ways to advertise?

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Answer by Max
Definately Craigslist, though I'm sure you've tried that already...

Have you thought of a banner-exchange-program?
Do you have a website? (The first part will only work if you do, lol)
Is there a highly populated area where you could hand out or post brochures or flyers?
Could you make a catalog? (You could do it on PDF, or I could do it for you if you want, lol, -email me if you want to try that out- then you can print a few copies or email them out with a newsletter or something)

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