How do i go about getting a doctorate in counseling psychology marriage and family therapy?

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Question by Shorty: How do i go about getting a doctorate in counseling psychology marriage and family therapy?
im not in college im still in high school
but i know i want a doctorate in marriage and family therapy
now how do i go to a four year college and get a masters then go on to
another program and eventually receive my doctorate?
im a little confused
so help please thank you

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Answer by Babs897
In order to obtain a doctoral degree in psychology with your specialty in families, you would obtain an MA in psychology, then continue with your studies, do field work, practical work, and write another thesis. The doctoral thesis would be like a book. You would need to pass the GRE and also, to take graduate level statistics. In my opinion, in consideration of all the work you'll be doing, you may as well go into medical school, then specialize in psychiatry. You can aim for that, and, if it doesn't work out along the way, switch to psychology. Exactly what course work would put you on the right path, would depend on the state, country, university, etc. You would need to check on licensing requirements. Another way to get information is to obtain a university catalog. For example, get the catalog for your largest state university or a private one connected to a hospital. Then, read the prerequisites for a given course of study. Regarding university admission, you will want to have an "A" average and high ACT or SAT scores, as well as meet other requirements, so you can get into the best university for your planned course of study. Once admitted, you will want to follow a course of study for your goal, and again have an A average. Then, during your university tenure, figure the best university for your doctoral program. Probably, the best way to complete your studies would be the consecutive way, as you have described in your question.

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