How do I submit a necklace design?

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Question by Breathe18: How do I submit a necklace design?
So I have this beautiful desing for women that just popped in my head one day cuz I thought I would look beautiful with my wedding dress and because the necklace has something to do with the marine corps. I've already looked it up and NO ONE has a similar design to what I have, so my question is who should I contact and how can I get a prototype made?

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Answer by Shelby B
Before you do anything and share the image with anyone, take some pictures of your design and all your notes and put them in an envelope. Then mail them to yourself certified mail. Don't open the envelope when it arrives.

This is called "the poor mans copywrite" and will sometimes hold up in court if someone tries to steal your idea. You take the sealed envelope into court with your pictures and design notes sealed inside and the postmark on the outside and let the judge open it. This serves to prove your original idea and when the idea was born.

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  1. Grandpa George

    You should register your artwork and literary works with the copyright office. Registered works provide more protection and benefits in the court of law, especially if someone uses your work without permission. It is NOT REQUIRED to register your work with the Copyright Office because the creator of the work is the official copyright owner, BUT, if you want to sue for damages when someone violates the copyright laws, your work must be registered. Check out the copyright office official website for more information and to register your work online or by mail!

    The poor man’s copyright is not valid. Read more info at the official copyright office website. Scroll down to the question: I’ve heard about a “poor man’s copyright.” What is it?