How do Jehovah’s Women get husbands when men make up the minority of their faith?

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Question by Rustic B: How do Jehovah's Women get husbands when men make up the minority of their faith?
Most religions have close to a 50-50 gender split, but the Jehovah's Witnesses are closer 65-35. So what happens when all the marriageable men get taken out of the market by matrimony with a lucky sister in the truth?

Due to this gender imbalance, there will be a LOT of Jehovah's women left to a life of spinsterhood.

Do these women end up lusting after apostates? Atheists? Do they turn towards lesbianism?

What is the solution to this problem for Jehovah's Women?

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Where did you find your husband?

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  1. .

    All they need to do is ” listen, obey and be blessed” right on into spinsterhood

  2. Prophet of Regret

    “Most religions have close to a 50-50 gender split”

    This isn’t true. Women outnumber men in all religious faiths, because women are more likely to be religious then men. Get your facts straight please.

    What most women will do is seek a mate outside of their faith, in spite of religious dogma. Of course there will be a few who will do everything they are told, and never marry. But natural selection takes care of that doesn’t it? If they don’t mate they don’t pass on their genes, and the frequency of this phenotype (submit to ambiguous authority at the expense of reproductive opportunities) is reduced in the general population.