How do you gift homemade chocolate truffles? How would you present it?

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Question by anastasiastarz: How do you gift homemade chocolate truffles? How would you present it?
How do you gift homemade chocolate truffles? How would you present it?

I'm thinking of putting it in mini cases and then in a box tied with ribbon.
I'm thinking of getting the box from the $ 2 Shop and ribbon from Spotlight.

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Answer by Chris C
you could get small boxes to put them in. the ribbon sounds like a nice touch. I believe you should be able to find them at Michael's, or stores that sell cake decorating and candy making supplies, or shops that have wedding supplies sometimes have the boxes.
There are some chocolate truffle recipies online. You might have to do some searching but there are recipies online.

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  1. birdie

    Hmm you maybe right about the boxes but my first thought was to use two squares of paper and a ribbon. If you are gifting truffles usually you are only giving a few pieces and they will be devoured quickly. So i figured a white pastry type paper with a bright paper on the outside and a gold or silver ribbon will indicate the preciousness of the gift. If you are into a “green” philosophy using a clean paper bag square on the inside and a natural rice paper on the outside with a gold ribbon would also be elegant.

    Also include a small tag indicating the filling…hand written of course.

    What a nice gesture, BTW! I have found that I have gotten more comments years later from little gifts like that than ones that cost me a lot. I usually do stuff like chutney though so the jars are the same but I add a pretty paper, fabric and string or ribbon to the top…anyway if you want to use boxes get them from a restaurant supply store. They are really cheap there!

  2. maria a

    well it depens for who they are and what do they mean to you. another way you can present them is put them in small gift bag and then put them on a tray.

  3. theanna2000

    That would be lovely! If you have a cake decorating/candy/craft store near you, there are many different box choices available…from inexpensive to elaborate. I made chocolates for a living for many years and presentation is very important. Add some silk flowers to the ribbon and it should be beautiful.