How do you legaly change your name?

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Question by Ana: How do you legaly change your name?
I've never minded my name much but I'm starting to meet allot more people that have the same name as I do and I'm getting sick of it. How old do you have to be? Is there a fee? What's the whole process? Is it true that you have to announce your name change in your cities newspaper? Please help.

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Answer by The Canuck
You have to be 18 if you don't have your parent's consent.
To do it legally and properly, you have to do it through court.

It depends on where you are sometimes too.

And yes you must publish a name change notice in the local newspapers.
You might not have to depending on where you are, but it will be hard to prove you were "someone else" before if you don't have the paper to prove it.
It can cost up to 300$ dollars sometimes, depending on where you are.

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  1. Tiger

    Any adult or child who has the right to reside in Australia on a permanent basis and who has not already changed their name within the past 12 months, can change their name. Of course if you are under the age of 18 you must have your parent’s permission.

    The Six Recommended Steps to Changing Your Name:

    1. See if you are eligible to change your name in your state / territory. Go to your state’s Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages for more information on eligibility.
    2. Put careful consideration into your name change decision, ensure that you do really want to change your name, and what this new name will be.
    3. Print off an application to register a change of name form (included in the kit), complete it and have it witnessed if applicable.
    4. Collate the necessary identification documents.
    5. If you are applying by mail, arrange to have your identification documents certified.
    6. Post your application or attend the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages to submit your application with the prescribed fee.
    7. Once you have received your Change of Name Certificate, start changing your name with organizations.

    Names are no longer changed by deed poll, the process is managed by each state’s Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages. You will need to fill out an application form to register your change of name, and possibly another application form so that the Registry will send you a Change of Name Certificate (some states automatically send out this certificate, but not all). There are fees that also need to be submitted with your form. Links to these application forms are listed at and more information about the name change process can be found at your state’s Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages (links are on the right hand side of this page).

    If you are applying to your state’s Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages to change your name (that is, your name change is not related to marriage or divorce), your change of name application may be refused if:
    • Your intended name is offensive, too long, includes symbols without phonetic significance or is contrary to the public interest;
    • You cannot provide sufficient proof of identification;
    • You have already changed your name within the past 12 months;
    • You are not an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident;
    • You are not a normal resident of the state you have applied in, or
    • The authorities believe you may be engaging in fraudulent or illegal activities.

    I’m pretty sure you do have to announce your name change in your cities newspaper but that has to be confirmed.

    I hope this helps!! xx

  2. Biva

    go to federal or state court

  3. Edward

    You file the completed forms at the courthouse and attend a hearing.
    Some jurisdictions require that you publish a notice in the local newspaper too and some also have you sign a form or complete a fingerprint card so they can do a background check on you.
    Other jurisdictions use what is called a deed of change of name, a type of deed poll. Others, including some of the previous, also use a statutory declaration to change the name.

    In all cases, various agencies must sometimes be alerted to the change, such as those maintaining passport or driver’s license records.Changing ones name is a simple and inexpensive process. Either a name can be changed by the common law “use” method whereas the person simply begins using the name in their personal and business affairs. Or a name can be changed by court order which is always the best choice as many governmental organizations such as the SSA require proof of a name change. Any adult person can change their name or the name of their minor child/children as long as it is not done for purposes of fraud, (such as using a celebrity’s name for commercial reasons, to escape creditors or authorities, etc.). Contact the office of the clerk of the probate court for information on the procedure in the state in which you live.

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  4. lari1307

    depends on the state you are in but most states the age is now 18 and yes there is a fee. it is done though the court system. but there is no fee to just use an alias for this you must on all legal forms use your real name such as jon doe aka john doe. the aka is also known as.

    my husband almost went to jail over someone using his name that the crud ball had just picked out of the air. he was lucky he knew the policeman that came and was able to straighten it out.