How do you make a nice outfit with a bad wardrobe?

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Question by Gracie: How do you make a nice outfit with a bad wardrobe?
I cant afford to buy much more clothing but I still want to look nice!! I am a tomboy but I still have a hair straightener and nail polish and stuff. Can you suggest a good outfit for me? It would be SOOO nice if you could include shoes and hair and stuff like that. THANKS YOU GUYS!!! 😀 <3 Basically ANY beauty tips WILL HELP!!! Best answer:

Answer by Shereen
You should just have fun with what you already have in your closet.
Seriously, these days you can throw jeans with a shirt and add some accessories and wear your usual shoes,
i dont really know what clothes you have so i might not be much help but seriously wear whatever makes you comfortable : )

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  1. Ciera M

    ok if u have eny plain shirts try dat with a peace neckeles some jeans a scarf and your shoes….

  2. heydoll:)

    buy really cute accesories that go with everything and get a good hair cut

  3. Kendrabee

    i say converses, skinny jeans, a black hoodie, and some super vibrantly colored tank top. paint your nails black with sparkles or have them colored some solid darker color (i like purple, red, like purple/black color, and turqoise even works). Straighten your hair so it’s pin straight. Tease up your bangs/front into a little pook and clip them back on your head (kind of hard to explain; put your hair up into a super high pony. I play guitar so i punch a hole in a picka nd put it onto a chain and wear it as a necklace. Whatever you do, be super unique. If anyone has a problem with your style, give them the finger and walk away cause you’re most obviously better than them.

  4. edie

    i agree with everybody else Accessories and make up can help a lot

  5. Esha

    just have your hair straightened…put on some jeans and a plain graphic tee or something, then get like your best flats or anything and some accessories like a belt or a necklace and put on some light makeup and you good to go :))

  6. A S

    it all depends on how you put it together. you could hav some really good pieces, but they are worn with the right stuff. go to marshalls and target because they hav the best clothing deals!!! also, if you like high-end stuff like marc by marc jacobs, juicy, and free people, nordstrom rack is the best place. also, if saks is having a big sale, they hav stuff for like 60-75% off!!

    for makeup, if you arent really into makeup, dont buy the expensive stuff like urban decay or smashbox, so maybeline and covergirl are the best drugstore brands. get some good foundation/concealer and a powder in your skin color. i use almay concealer for under-eye circles and blemishes and i just dust some powder that matches my skin color on my face. i like a little bit of a peachy blush too. i also love to experiment with crazy colors of eyeshadow and eyeliner!!! just hav fun with your makeup!!

    just be yourself!! fashion doesnt hav any rules anymore!!

  7. kittehh

    When i’ve got nothing to wear or want a change from my normal outfits, i pick my favorite item of clothing and then swap it around abit.
    Take your favorite shirt/top and instead of wearing it with jeans, try it with a skirt, or with leggings and shorts.
    Layering clothing can work well too, put together two items of clothing you’d normally never wear together and work from there.
    Look on websites such as or and look at how outfits are put together.
    Or, if you like a certain celebrities fashion sense, try imitating their style and changing it to suit you.
    Accessories really liven up outfits, so try using jewelery that matches the outfit, or a bright coloured accessory to create a contrast.
    Make sure the outfit you make is practical, with a jacket or cardigan to keep you warm if it’s cold, and sensible but fashionable footwear to match.
    I usually stick to a few base colours when creating an outfit, and paint my nails the same colour.
    Try experimenting with your hair, tie it up into cute plaits with a hair accessory, like a headband. Or you could straighten or curl your hair, it depends what look you’re going for:)
    Make sure your outfit is unique and you, you don’t want the outfit to change you too much:).