How is a man divorced with kids perceived in Japan?

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Question by Glipso: How is a man divorced with kids perceived in Japan?
A daughter offered marriage to a man who has been through divorce with kids? How will family members generally see this?

Do they succeed in second marriages? I ask because most people percieve second marriage to work better as they assume they make better choice but in fact, in US where divorce rate is high, second marriage is higher than first, probably because they keep making the same mistakes.

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Answer by thecheapest902
The family does not see him as a good husband candidate. In most cases, the husband must keep paying child support until the child becomes 20 or so.

It's financially hard. Not to mention, many people see there is something wrong in him if a man has divorce record.

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  1. Tim H

    Perception is a tricky thing in Japan. The most popular Prime Minister in recent memory was divorced. Koizumi. His hair style gave people the impression of a Lion. He was often depicted this way in political cartoons.