How is the relationship with the Muslim community in Ireland?

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Question by hayaa_bi_taqwa: How is the relationship with the Muslim community in Ireland?
I've heard rumors a few years ago that it wasn't all that great, but they were just rumors. And the relationship is highly tense in the UK. Is it any better/worse in Ireland? I'd love to travel some day soon and kinda trace back my roots (my ancestors were Irish, Scottish and French), but things seem a little testy lately. Advice?

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Answer by deburca98
No there is no problems here with the relationship to the muslim community.

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  1. wetdufflecoats

    No one would give a damn if you were from another planet never mind being Muslim!!…come on and visit Ireland

  2. Rossie

    no problems in the republic of Ireland (i can’t speak for Northern Ireland mind). Some of my best friends are muslim.

  3. eorpach_agus_eireannach

    Well from non-Muslim point of view there is no problems. But unlike Muslims in the UK they are not all from the one place of origin. They originally come from Malaysia, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Laos, Iran. There isn’t a situation where they are all together in one area, most Muslims in Ireland don’t live in communities so the “community” is more a concept that a physical occurance like in the UK, or the Banlieu in France. Muslims in Ireland are quite intergrated.

  4. Tribbles23

    It is brilliant. Trust me- I have Muslim friends.
    No problems here…believe me. Come over and visit and see our beautiful country.

  5. rachael.millymoohead

    no problems at all, north or south. everyones so friendly here i strongly doubt you would have any problems, the Muslims i know have never complained of anything like that.

    hope you have a great time in Ireland :)

    good luck


  6. mj

    Hello, Irish are not like stupid British, they are more friendly and good heart. Definitely you will enjoy your time in Ireland