How long has it been tradition for bride and groom to give gifts to parents?

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Question by Rachael: How long has it been tradition for bride and groom to give gifts to parents?
A lot of wedding "traditions" are actually not very old. For example, most homes did not have freezers until about 60 years ago, so the tradition of freezing the top tier of the wedding cake and eating on the first anniversary can't be more than 60 years old, at the most. I'm trying to find out how long ago it became a common event for the bride and groom to give wedding gifts to their parents.


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Answer by the King of the Divan
Long. Whole kingdoms were traded away at some point.

EDIT: Peasants included.

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  1. rajeevsarita

    As per choice of bride and groom to give gifts.
    No rule for the same.

  2. Luv2Answer

    I have never heard of the bride and groom giving gifts to the parents. Especially in instances these days where parents may not be paying for anything.

  3. joinme4coffee

    You’re actually 1/2 wrong about the wedding cake. It is not a tradition to freeze the top tier, it’s a tradition to ‘save’ the top tier. This has been done for more than 100 years or longer. Traditionally the top tier of the wedding cake was made of fruit cake that doesn’t spoil.

    I have found nothing about a tradition of giving the parents gifts.

  4. barthebear

    while I have heard of it on this site, I do not believe it a tradition yet. At the longest about 15 years ago maybe.

  5. Messykatt

    I don’t think this is really a “tradition”. I’ve known couples who did it and those who did not. We gave our parents wedding albums, but my sister and BIL didn’t give them anything. And it was all fine. Not sure what others in the family did.