How much are Ella Bridal dresses?

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Question by bridetobe: How much are Ella Bridal dresses?
I'm curious to know a round-about price for dresses from Ella Bridal ( Please let me know if you have any idea about how much these dresses cost!

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Answer by kam6414
Honestly not sure, since they sell their dresses to boutiques. And that would depend on the boutique- how much they would up charge. I looked at the website and there is a store locator on there so I would suggest you go to a retailer that sells Ella Bridal gowns and see what they charge and compare it to other bridal boutiques that sell the same thing. That would give you a honest comparison and if you do not want to spend what they are, the bridal consultant at the store can show you the same style of Ella gown made by someone else to fit whatever budget you are working with. I ran into the same thing when I got married last year. I saw a gown online that didn't have a cost and went to 3 boutiques in 3 cities and they all said a different cost for the same gown made by the same designer. It helps to shop around, I got my gown that was at one boutique for significantly less by negotiating with them since I knew how much other people were asking for the dress. It saved me hundreds of dollars. Good Luck!

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