How much is my wedding ring worth?

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Question by Clayton: How much is my wedding ring worth?
Its a 2 karat diamond that when we bought the ring the diamond alone was $ 8000 and the band is platinum

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Answer by Aaron
It's weight in gold.

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  1. amarilysusa

    Well we can’t tell you that on Yahoo. Your best bet is to take it to an appraiser and see what they tell you.

  2. Abigail9999

    Hopefully, it’s worth a lot to you.

    To anyone else, it’s a used ring that belonged to someone else first. Typically, selling used rings gets 50% or so of it’s original price. What it’s appraised for is one thing: what it would fetch on market is another.

  3. Vixen

    You can’t get a diamond appraised over the internet it doesn’t matter the size because it could have horrible cut, clarity and color. You need to go take it to a professional.