How much $ is too much for a wedding dress?

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Question by Mrs♥B: How much $ is too much for a wedding dress?
I know there is a lot of emphasis on the dress, but it is really just one day. What is the amount of money that there is no way you would spend on one? I got mine for $ 400 and refused to even look at dresses over $ 500. I know there are some people who wouldn't dream of spending more than $ 100, others seem to have no problem spending upwards of $ 15,000 (crazy amount of money!). How much is too much for a wedding dress?
I was offered some money to go towards a dress, but I declined. Even if I had a ton of money and was super rich, I wouldn't spend over $ 500. I guess I just don't think it is worth it (to me, but if you choose to do so, good for you).

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Answer by rxing
I think over 800$ but I can see your point, if I had it to do all overagain I wouldnt have paid the 1200$ I paid 10 years ago for my dress.

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15 000 wedding dress

Image by Anders Young
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I might want to add something about the actual photo...
I really like the angle where it seems as if I wasn't even on the Great Wall at the time. But yes, I was. It was taken from the extension to Turret 11, and odd turret, which sticks out from the rest of the wall. Turret 11 was about a third of the way through our jog to the top.

In the background, the toboggan run and ski lift can be seen.

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  1. Kristy

    With alterations in the end mine is $ 1200, I swore I wouldn’t spend over $ 1000 but, the alterations put it over. I am having a big expensive wedding, but I am not going to spend a bunch of money on a dress I’ll only wear once, you wont be able to tell in pictures or in person whether you spent $ 1000 or $ 4000 anyways.

  2. deathbot

    depends if the man is paying go for 450 or 500
    if it is you paying then buy what you like

  3. daVIDica

    I wanted to spend no more than $ 500 for a dress due to budget contraints. But, to my avail, I was unable to find a dress that screamed “ME” under $ 500. I was so disappointed. I talked to my fiance about it and he told me to get what I wanted and we would make it work. Yes, I agree with you. It is only for one day but the last thing you would want to do is to settle on something that you did not feel comfortable with. I found my dress. It was everything I wanted except for the price: $ 1100. I almost fell over LOL. My fiance reassured me and so far we have stayed within our budget and still have all the things we’ve wanted. :) It turned out good for us but that’s the first time Lady Luck has smiled upon me LOL.

  4. ♥♫ piano_gyrl ♥♪

    Over $ 500 is too much LOL :-) Mine was originally $ 450 (no way i could do that) and i got it on sell for $ 250. It is my dream wedding dress. I would look at local boutiques or clothing stores that you can rent /buy dresses caz sometimes they have a better selection.

  5. KitKat

    I’d say $ 500 is enough. I found my dream dress and it was on sale for less than $ 450. Even the alterations didn’t total up to $ 500. Anything over that is wasteful, IMO.

  6. Wicked N Wonderful

    It is a woman’s most memorable moment, or at least one of them. Figure out what you think you can afford, then spend more than that !!!

  7. nova_queen_28

    If you can’t afford it, its too much. For some people that is $ 500 for other that is $ 5,000.

    My limit was $ 1,000 IF the dress was absolutely perfect & exactly what I was looking for. I never found exactly what I was looking for so when I decided to settle for a nice dress that isn’t exactly what I wanted, I didn’t want to spend much at all.

    I paid $ 219 for the dress, including shipping. I got it from a seller in China on eBay that makes the dress to your own measurements so it won’t need alterations. I’ve paid another $ 25 for the crinoline. And I still need to have the dress pressed, which I’m hoping will be around $ 50.

  8. pppbbblllttt

    I think if it equals one month’s rent of a one bedroom apartment, its too much.

  9. rosebunnie

    I was looking to spend anywhere from 100 to 200. three hundred would have been the most i would have spent. I ended up spending 650. I know it was way more then i wanted to spend. But it was the dress all the others i tired on i hated. I mean my aunt gave me money toward it for babysitting all the time and my moh also gave me money as part of my wedding gift she know it would be better and it was. I loved my dress and if they have not been nice to give me money i would have not gotten it. But i am so happy i did i love my dress. It was on sale from 3000 so i guess i got lucky. Some people spend like thousands on there dress and that is not even worth it for you to wear it only once

  10. ScubaJ

    There is no solid answer to that question. It’s based on budget, and some people want to get married with under $ 1000 and others spend millions.

    My fiance bought her dress for 600-700 and her “dream dress” was in the $ 5000’s… Anything under $ 1000 is more than reasonable, but it’s a matter of taste as well. Some people like simple others like extravagant. Some people want a dream wedding others are more rational and get whats best for their situation.

    I know my fiance picked up some magazine the other day which some celebrity was given a 1 million dollar dress… so that even makes those 10K ones look relatively cheap.

  11. last_minute_shopper

    ok i totally agree with you…but i also think depends on a person..some brides have the money or their parents..but even they put a limit…i know a girl that spent 5,000 on her dress but she said 6,000 was her limit…she had a big wedding and the budget allowed her to spend that much on her dress..for me..I dont think I would go with such a thing i mean i love those designer dresses and spend alot on clothes or purses..but I am going to wear those forever!!..a wedding dress its only going to be worn just once…I have 2 younger sisters but I dont count on them wanting to wear my dress…

    so mine is going to cost 1, actually thinking of buying a used one…some brides paid 4,000 + but they are reselling their used dresses for half the price…

    anyway, I support your decision and wish you all the best on your big day! :)

  12. Sandy Ego

    For me personally, anything over $ 200-300 would be too much.

  13. mrs

    $ 1000.

    mine was $ 40

  14. Working Stiff Mom

    i got married in a dress that cost $ 80
    you do what you do for you.
    if you feel the need to have an expensive dress because you can justify that it makes you feel more special then a cheaper dress and you can afford it then go nuts.
    personally i think girls spend way too much money on weddings as they are one day, people forget the day almost instantly and the life after your wedding is WAYYYYYYYY more important then that one self-gratifying day.

  15. bluedreams1810

    I went to David’s Bridal for my dress- and I went in there planning to spend no more than $ 400 for my dress.. well that worked out.. it was $ 350, but then when you add in the veil, the sash (if you want), the bra, the slip, the shoes- it cost me $ 730. You get caught up in the moment and needing everything at once that they really get you with the other things. I feel like I spent a little too much, but i LOVE my dress so I think it’s worth it, but I would NEVER spend more than that!! I think people who get dresses for $ 15,000 are crazy! You wear it once!!! It’s not worth that kind of money unless you have endless money like celebrities who are going to be splashed all over magazines.

  16. Christine

    It depends on how often you will wear it again, how many other formal dresses you have (do you actually need it?), and if it’s a new dress or if it is second hand. If it’s second hand, I’ll pay a little more because it’s more environmentally friendly. The more often I can wear it, the more I’ll pay, especially if I actually need the dress.

    I spent $ 140 on mine, $ 60 for the cover-up (because the dress was sleeveless and it’s a church wedding, so this wasn’t optional), and I will probably spend about $ 30 for the alterations. I will be able to get a lot of use out of the jacket, as it’s a colour that goes with my other formal dress. The dress itself I will probably only wear three or four times again, and I don’t actually need it, although I only have two other formal dresses.

    I’d say that over $ 500, unless it’s custom, local (i.e. not made in China) and/or really good fabric, is ludicrous.

  17. Lioness

    Good for you! YOU wear the dress – the dress doesn’t wear you. My first wedding gown was gorgeous – somewhere around $ 600 I think. It was gorgeous. When I recently got married again, my hubby bought the dress for me. It was a beaded gown and cost…(gulp) $ 1000.00. But he wanted to get it for me. I hope I can find an occassion to wear it again!

  18. Michael

    anything thats not within reason.

  19. D4Pres2012

    I’m with you, you got a good practical head on your shoulders. I think anything over 3 figures is too much. you wear it for like 8 hours total! max! ridiculous.

  20. PixieGrl

    The answer to your question really depends on the bride. Everyone has different sensibilities; for you, $ 500 is too much. For others, $ 15,000 is too much. What’s too much to me doesn’t mean you’re wrong, and what’s too much to you doesn’t mean I’m wrong. No one can answer this question, because it’s a completely personal question that has to do with each bride’s priorities, budgets, etc.