How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

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Question by DaringEscape: How much should I spend on an engagement ring?
I'm looking to propose to my girlfriend around spring break. How much do you guys think is appropriate to spend on a ring? I make a little under $ 4000 a month and am able to save about 2500 a month. She'd be happy with ANYTHING but I want to really make her feel special. Thanks for any help.

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Answer by wHeReSuRhEaRt
I always heard it's suppose to be one months salary, but it's really the thought not how expensive it is. She will happy with any thing you get her, If you want to go all out the get her a 1ct to 1 1/2 ct

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  1. peace&harmony

    If she’d be happy with anything, then just buy what you think she would want! $ 2,500 is more than enough for a girl that just really wants a ring and not concerned with how big it is or how much it costs. Sounds like you have a great gal! If I were you, I would ask her friends what type of ring she’s interested in and go from there! Don’t fall for the whole 2-3 paycheck thing. It’s just a jewelers gimmick to make you spend more. That’s not what it’s about after all! Good luck!

  2. Oryx

    I think what’s more important than price is what it looks like. Use her favorite jems and favorite metals. Don’t get some tiny rock but you don’t need something the size of a dime.

  3. hugbees13

    Well, the main thing is what does she like? Try to find out the type of ring she wants and get that. Secondarily, what kind of woman do you have? If you have a woman who is frugal and wise about money, then she’d be aggravated if you dropped a small fortune on a wedding ring. But if you date…a woman who is not that way, shoot the moon!!

  4. YouWish25

    I’d say around $ 2,500-$ 4,000 is decent. In your case, one month’s salary is a great amount. You don’t have to save $ 4,000 all at once. You can save it over a few months, that way, it’s easier and more affordable for you. You won’t be putting a strain on your weekly disposable income or money that needs to go to bills.

    But, $ 4,000 can get a really amazing ring. In fact, you could get a really amazing engagement ring AND a fabulous wedding band (w/ diamonds) too.

  5. fanella

    I think 5000.00 would buy you a nice sized rock. You know some jewelers will take your old diamond jewelry as a trade in. So if you have something old that has even a small chip in it, you can trade it in and pay the difference. BTW I think yellow and pink diamonds are so pretty and hip. So if she’s young and zany go for that…

  6. travelguruette

    I think that 2500 is plenty of money to buy a beautiful ring.

  7. Platinum Bride 2B

    I suggest you visit the following website for engagement ring ideas. They can work within your kind of budget, and you will get an idea of what you can get for your money.
    Good luck! :)

  8. jbrandner80

    I don’t believe in the whole spending 3 months salary. My husband only spent 1100 on mine. It is not the ring that makes that marriage, it is the love and support.

  9. SavannahBride

    Try, costco…

    I saw a beautiful ring at costco. It’s one of those button rings. Costco surprisingly actually has great diamond quality.

    I have also heard great things about bluenile. The prices seem reasonable. They are also great for teaching you the 4C’s of a diamond. A lot of things contribute to the price of a diamond… I’ve seen huge diamonds that were less expensive than smaller diamonds. But the color and cut were better in the smaller diamond.

    Most importantly – don’t go into debt to buy the ring.

  10. epsilon_theta

    Get a ring you do no have to finance.

    My fiance makes a decent living and bought my ring outright. It is wonderful and just my style. He was extravagant spending $ 12,000, but hey, I am worth it and I love it. It is totally me, which is why I like it. No one has a ring like mine It is not about the size of the diamond, rather that he picked something out that is unique and so perfect for my style.

    I had been engaged previously when I was younger and my ex-fiance spent about $ 5000 and it was a lovely 1ct. It was my dream ring back then.

    Don’t stress yourself Find out her style, what she likes and get her her heart’s desire. You will never regret it.

    I have been engaged 6 months and still cannot stop staring at my ring. It is mesmorizing.

  11. MiMi

    Don’t listen to that bunk about spending a month’s salary, that is just a Jewelery Store Sales Pitch to sucker people in. Spend what you can afford, if you do not feel comfortable with surprising her then take her shopping and see what kind of rings she likes and see whether she prefers silver or gold, what kind of cut of stones etc.. The choice can still be yours in the end and she will still be surprised because it comes from the heart not the wallet!
    Make your Proposal Date special by picking a romantic place that you both love, flowers, champagne anything that will make your day a great memory.
    Early Congratulation’s to You and Your Fiance’!

  12. curious gal

    Purchase something that you can afford without having to go into debt. The deBeer’s family suggests 3 months’ salary but I think it is outrageous.

    Set a budget and purchase a high quality stone instead of a larger one. A good stone will retain its value and will shine/sparkle beautifully every day she wears it.

  13. lifeplayer

    $ 4000 is sufficient to get a great ring for your girl friend.

    $ 2500~$ 3000 able to get a engagement ring with 1ct, and $ 4000 might abe to get 1~1.25ct depend on the ring.

    I believe she will be happy when she know about this :)

  14. HowDoYouKnow.

    My husband followed the “three month salary” rule (all on his own). Some people seem to think that this idea is ridiculous, but I think that it is a good standard. I mean…would you really want to ask the woman of your dreams to marry you with a ring that is only worth a couple hundred dollars? I am definitely not saying that all girls require a beautiful ring to say “yes”, I am just saying that I am thankful that my husband thought that I was worth it. I definitely did not need a huge rock myself (and initially, I wanted to take it back for something smaller); however, I love that he wanted me to have something so nice. My ring is absolutely beautiful and I will never ever want another one. So, bottom line: he spent a lot on something that I will have and wear forever…and it can be handed down. If I were you, I would splurge and seriously consider “three months”.

    *Another note: I’m not sure how some of the people on this board seem to think that you can get a 1+ ct. ring for less than thousands of dollars…unless it is a “zebra diamond”…from all of the carbon. 😉

    My opinion is that I would much rather have a small good quality diamond than a large fair/bad quality diamond. Quality, not quantity. :)

    Good luck!!

  15. Sharon R

    It is a generally believed that buying an Engagement Ring costs 2 to 3 months salary, but I feel 2500 is plenty of money to buy a beautiful ring.

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