How much would a Japanese chin cost? Where would I find one in south west mississippi?

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Question by silverpheonix390: How much would a Japanese chin cost? Where would I find one in south west mississippi?
I live in southwest mississippi. My aunt owns alot of land and a siamese cat. The cat was mainly for my cousin. But my aunt wants a Japanese Chin. I intend to buy one for her. She spends most of her day indoors and needs a companion. about a mile from her house she owns a Pet grooming parlor. So I think the Chin would get along well with the other animals and people. After showing the picture and temperment rating to my uncle, he thinks my aunt would greatly appreciate the Chin. She loves small dogs, She had a Papillon until it past away last year at the age of 12 and 1/2. I think this dog might improve her spirits. She greatly misses the dog wich was a wedding present from my uncle. I intend to get her one for her birthday in two months. But how much will i need to spend? I have up to $ 500 to spend, but where would i find a breeder?

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Answer by jplynch82
are you sure its not a chinese chin

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Wedding envelope
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Japanese wedding custom is that guests give the couple money in ornate envelopes, rather than presents.

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  1. dk

    Chins are great pets. very loving and they really do get along with everyone. very docile and eager to please. the only thing is that they NEVER forget an enemy, i.e. My boyfriend’s dog and him were playing and always got along, one day my bf dog barked at him for eating his food, from that day forward my dog steers clear of the other dog at all costs. However, My favorite is the fact that chins rarely bark. It was probably 5 months till my little guy even made a peep and that was because i stepped on her tail(oops!). doesnt bark at strangers or anything
    Mine was $ 1500 but a friend of mine purchased hers for $ 500 from and loves her. just make sure to ask alot of questions when u talk to the breeder. goodluck, they really are wonderful dogs!

  2. swearnsue

    I have two Chins and they were over $ 1,000 each. If I were to get another one, I would get a rescue Chin. There is a good website, jccare and petfinder. Good luck, Chins are funny little dogs, they are loving and playful too.

  3. davie11rd


  4. TrishPresleysMom

    There is a gentleman and his wife in Corinth Ms who breed Chins. Corinth is in the northern part of Ms, don’t know if you are familiar with it. It is Big B Kennels. I have not met her, only him, but I can tell you, he is wonderful. His puppies are reasonably priced. I got my Japanese Chin from him, and she was $ 250. I met him at the flea market here in Nashville Tn. I think she was originally $ 300, but I went on a Sunday when they generally mark the prices down a little. We have been thrilled with Presley. She is so sweet and so smart. A friend of ours also bought a poodle from him and the poodle is also a bundle of joy. Very happy, good temperment. He is wonderful and his puppies are wonderful as well.

  5. bodie

    Hi. I recently bought a Chin here in Atlanta, and the price was over $ 1000. I have seen some very nice Chins on the Chin Rescue sites, and they are in your price range, maybe less. Check them out, and I hope your aunt loves hers as much as we love ours.

  6. Abbie & Cricket's Mommy

    That would be a good place to start.. if she has puppies, she may want more than $ 500, though. But her papillon, CH Elrac’s Naughty Marietta was the top papillon bitch in the country in ’96. She also does Japanese Chins. She’s not in Mississippi, but she is in northwest Florida. You’d very likely get a good quality dog from her.. if I were buying another papillon, I know that’s the first place I’d look. Good luck!