How to get to Nassau from Florida by boat?

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Question by Joanna: How to get to Nassau from Florida by boat?
I am trying to figure out a way to get to the Sandals Resort at Nassau for a honeymoon without having to take an airplane. Any ideas? I have found some cruise-and-stay packages online but I don't want to book a hotel with them since I want to stay at Sandals.

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Answer by misselisabethrose
Check out some companies like Water Fantaseas: that do private or planned yacht charters. It could be a really fun addition to a honeymoon, like a mini private cruise! There are many, many companies like this in Florida, both big and small.

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In the Caribbean! Many thanks to Mom & Dad for sending us on an awesome Honeymoon!

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  1. Shelley L

    There’s no other altrernative to the Cruise and Stay packages except a charter. Which is far more than what it would cost if you booked the cruise and stay and forfeited the hotel package.

    Did you check to see if they would book Sandals? Or just let you book your own hotel? Give them a call. What’s online may not be the only solution. Try Bahamas Celebration. since Imperial Majesty is no longer in business.

    There is no ferry or other transport to Nassau.