How to make a top tier of a wedding cake?

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Question by Brooke: How to make a top tier of a wedding cake?
I am making a cupcake wedding cake. Instead of the traditional wedding cake, we are have a bunch of cupcakes. We are still going to have them on a stand. I want to have the top tier like the traditional cake, so we can put a cake topper on it, cut it. save it. How would I go about making it? The color theme is light blue. Any suggestions?

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Answer by emgee
Buy a cake at the bakery. One less thing to worry about.

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  1. Hope

    Measure the top plate of the cupcake stand you are using. Bake a cake a little smaller so when it is iced and decorated it will fit it.You can ice it in light blue or stick with white icing and add some blue decorations and or ribbon trim.I would do whatever would work with your cupcake design.If there is a flower on each cupcake,add some flowers to the top tier etc..

  2. Amy

    I would have a stand built so the cupcakes would be served on two layers and the top of the stand would hold the cake you want.

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