How to make my wedding reception unique?

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Question by derrick: How to make my wedding reception unique?
How to make my wedding look unique?

Were having a traditional style wedding, but I want to maybe spice it up a bit? What are some cool ideas to make the wedding reception something to remember?

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Think of an unique Theme you and your fiance will enjoy... it is for you, so think about yourselves!

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  1. basketcase88

    Make it about you and your fiance! There are dozens of ways you can do this. You can theme your wedding cake, or the grooms cake. If your favorite food is hamburgers, then serve hamburgers at the reception! And no, that’s NOT tacky if you do it well. Possibly get a more “party” dress since I’m assuming your gown is more traditional, that will signal to your guests that it’s time to have fun when you show up in a shorter, sassier dress. It just really depends on what you and your fiance do and enjoy, and who the 2 of you are as a couple.

    If you still are stuck, maybe make an appointment with a wedding planner in your area. He/She would be able to give you lots of ideas after spending an hour or so with y’all. You could use the planner just for idea generation, rather than actually putting the idea together.

    Good luck!

  2. Queen Kerosene

    OMG there are SOO many cool ideas! I couldn’t possibly list them here. Seriously (not trying to spam you) go online and just type in a search for wedding receptions – cool or unique. There will be all kinds of stuff from favors to dances to decorations. Have fun, talk with your soon-to-be and personalize! It’s going to be super fun, trust me.

  3. JaimieS

    One thing that we did was we skipped out on the throwing the boquet to the single women and gave the centerpiece from the ceremony to the couple who had been married the longest. One of my friends did that too. You have all the couples get up and dance and then the singles sit down, then play a little more music and the couples married 5 years or less sit down and so on until you have the longest married couple. As it turns out, 9 years after our wedding that man passed away and so having that in the photos and the memories are still something to remember rather than a simple silly joke that many singles dread. One of the things I have seen done is for the guests at the ceremony to turn around after the groom kisses the bride and someone takes a photo from up high of the entire event – this can be done during the reception as well. Another really memorable touch is a family photo from both sides of the family. If you decide to lighten up and not worry about having a perfect traditional wedding – you could invite children and then you have full family photos from both sides with all of the children and that is amazing to have. No one else in our entire family but us – got that! 10 years later some have passed away and it’s beautiful for us to look back on. Some of the things that people do are just going crazy but it’s not memorable – but funny. I would avoid those. I mean some people do a movie theme and then the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk in part costumed like they are putting on an act and dancing. If you make a whole slideshow deal make sure to keep it short and sweet. I’d think about what would be most important to you as a memory 10 years from now and think of more ideas based on that thought.