I am getting a Diamonique Bridal Set from QVC. Can you help me with this question?

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Question by TracieBLovely♫®: I am getting a Diamonique Bridal Set from QVC. Can you help me with this question?
My husband is buying me a Princess cut bridal set as my request from QVC.(Never got one..6 years later..LONG STORY 😉 Any hoo, How many carats would look "realistic"? I don't want to get it so big that everyone looks and laughs at me. What do you think?



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Answer by Luv2Answer
1.5 carats is not believable because the stones from QVC are supposed to mimic the same clarity as a colorless diamond which would be tens of thousands of dollars if real. I would stick with something under 1 carat for any hope of passing it off as real.

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  1. MrsChief

    1 1/2 carat is pretty big for me. I actually have the band you are showing and it looks real. See if they have a smaller solitaire. But you can always get it and send it back if it is too big.

  2. Juicy Fruit

    I think it depends on what you/your husband does for a living.

    If he’s a pizza boy, such a ring is going to look tacky because everyone will assume its fake.

    If he’s a doctor, everyone will assume its real.

    Sometimes you see people with outlandish rings on, and you can pretty much tell its fake.

  3. Garnet Glitter

    I own a 1 and 1/2 carat round ‘rock’ it’s flanked by two 1/4 ct trillions and the remainder of the total 2 and 1/2 carat weight is in small channel set rounds down each side.

    Lucky me that my guy is so generous.

    I don’t find the center stone too large at all..my hand carries it well as I wear a size 8 and have very long fingers..I have a good size hand from my former profession (baker).

    As far as diamonique, I’ve a friend that swears by them and the ones of hers I’ve seen are very believable…..1 and 1/2 ct should be as large as you wanna go, tho.

    Be careful in your care of it…never expose to prolonged sunlight as that will cloud the stone up, always remove before applying make-up, lotions, perfumes, using cleaning preparations, and clean with a quick swish in warm soapy water (dish washing detergent), a quick rinse and air dry.

    …and if you wear it as if it’s ‘real’, people will believe…attitude, m’dear is the most convincing thing lol my friend struts her stuff and flashes her gems’- very convincing…..enjoy the rings!

  4. megan b

    I think 1.5 carats is as large as you should go and have it still look believable, mainly because Diamonique stones are so clear and they look like high end diamonds. The set you chose looks beautiful.

  5. realshortshorty

    As someone else said, it totally depends on who you hang out with. They both look great to me. Go for it.

  6. Fallgal

    If you are petite and have small, thin fingers, I would say don’t go over a carat. If you are bigger boned, you could go to 1.5 and it still look realistic.