I am making FUNNY bridesmaid survival kits what are some good, funny ideas of stuff to put in them!?

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Question by Amy O: I am making FUNNY bridesmaid survival kits what are some good, funny ideas of stuff to put in them!?

For those of you who think it is a stupid idea, you don't have to answer at all. I have already bought the girls nice gifts I just wanted to do something funny for the rehearsal dinner to lighten the mood!

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Answer by silverchick_8
ear plugs..Ha ha

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  1. Dana D

    Will you be giving these to your girls before the wedding or day of? Honestly, I wouldn’t suggest giving much of anything on the day of. It’s more stuff for them to carry around & possibly lose or leave behind.

    As for funny, you can put some Jelly Belly’s in a bag or old pill bottle & say “Anti-Bridezilla Tablets – take with alcohol. Uses: To prevent conking the bride with a bouquet on her ‘super special, pretty, pretty princess day.’ “

  2. Crazy Lady

    this is so cheesy and corny. why would you waste your time with this? your better off paying for a day at the spa

  3. princessbrat262002

    Hair spray, double sided tape for wardobe malfuctions. there are these chocolate bars called “survival chocolate” that are organic chocolate. (important) advil, dr. scholls for her high heel grip thingies (you know from the commercial) and bobby pins for hair, and handkerchiefs for unexpected crying fits at the alter
    (all of those things came in sooo handy for me)

  4. LB

    duct tape and wd-40

  5. Slider728


    A few individual packets of Tylenol or Advil

    A packet of hang overcure

    A small packet of No-Doz (not sure if the even sell those anymore)

    A condom or two

    A set of hand cuffs

    A small bottle of the booze of their choice

    A small card with directions to the nearest church and times confessions are accepted the next morning

    A pack of KY His n Hers

    A survival food item (high energy protein bar, a chocolate bar, a military MRE,etc…)

    A set of ear plugs

    A can or Red Bull, AMP, or Jolt (not sure if they make Jolt anymore)

    A pack of smokes and a lighter

    Various..umm…adult toys in case they go to bed alone after the party

    A garder belt or a pair of sexy undies

  6. Luna

    aspirin! lol how about a can of red bull?

    oh maybe those little mini bottles of liquor

  7. as2633
  8. Sara B

    (Assuming you think “Bridezilla” humour is funny and not offensive…)

    You could maybe make or buy little “voodoo dolls” (stuffed cloth people-shaped figures, don’t have to be fancy) and put little veils on them, and include a pack of pins?

    Or maybe make or buy some mini- “dammit dolls” instead and use those. (If you don’t know what they are, they are just little cloth dolls that come with a poem, and you’re supposed to beat the heck out of them when you’re frustrated lol.)

    And don’t worry about Crazy Lady. She’s been trolling a lot of posts on the Wedding section today. I think it’s a cute idea.