I have a few questions about religion and getting married with children out of wedlock?

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Question by *Michelle*: I have a few questions about religion and getting married with children out of wedlock?
Can you tell me where to find the information on Catholic, Baptist, and The Church Of Nazarene's views on a couple getting married when they have children out of wedlock? The groom is not the father and obviously the children are not from a previous marriage. 2 of the 3 churches declined on marrying the couple. Or if you know anything about either of the 3 churches any information would be greatly appreciated.

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oh no - you are totally burning in hell 😉

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  1. Me, Myself, and I

    A good Catholic should agree to marry them, but you would have to go to confession first (becuase of the sin of having premarital sex in the 1st place) and become a Catholic.

  2. John by pointing to his deeds...

    The Catholic Church will marry you if you are Catholic, but that means that you admit the situation for what it is and aren’t just trying to get the Church to rubberstamp it. You can convert, but don’t do it just to get married, obviously.

    Why would you have a high enough view of marriage to get married in a church and yet not admit that that means children should not be born out of wedlock. The church is very very merciful in these situations. They believe what they preach. They think it better that you be married in the Sacrament of Marriage and they will do all they can to help you.

  3. Mary

    God is the only true Judge so if the church will not marry them because they think they are the Judge I suggest going to another church. One that preaches the good news. God’s love and forgiveness of sin. Those churches should be happy the couple wants to make it a commitment to God by not going to a Courthouse. By the way I go to the Church of God. My cousin had kids out of wedlock and as long as you show your true devotion and attend the church they will marry you and not Judge.

  4. Meet Ram-knee, Corp. Pimp-Hoar

    Mary and Mary’s God (“oh god, oh god…”) obviously had a child out of wedlock.

  5. kagmi

    I am not an expert on Baptist or Church of the Nazarene’s policies, but I am a former Catholic and I can make some educated guesses about what Baptist and Nazarene’s policies might be from that.

    The key here is Christian policies about sex outside of wedlock. Because Christianity is built on forgiveness, all three churches should be willing to marry the couple–after the couple had confessed their sins, including premarital sex, and made it clear that they understood and accepted the religions’ doctrines on sex and were not living together in violation of them. In a Catholic church, a period of several months of pre-marital counseling may be required to ensure that the couple is educated about the church’s expectations of what marriage is all about. If the churches don’t think that the couple understands or agrees with the church’s teachings about marriage, they won’t marry them, because they would not consider the couple capable of making fully informed consent to their marriage vows.

    If the couple’s beliefs about marriage and sex are not in line with those of the churches, I frankly would not recommend being married in those churches. Sex and marriage is something that orthodox religious establishments are not flexible on, and if the couple doesn’t agree with their views, then they do not agree with important parts of the church’s doctrines and probably should not be members of that church. There may be more liberal churches in the area that would be a better fit for the couple, both in terms of their concepts about sex and marriage and just everyday belief and practice.