I have a really bad habit of biting my finger nails, how can I stop this?

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Question by PennyLane: I have a really bad habit of biting my finger nails, how can I stop this?
I have been biting my nails for as long as I can remember and I do it without even realizing I'm chewing on them, I'm getting married in August and don't wanna have uhgo nails, especially for our wedding rings picture. I need to know how I can stop doing this? Fake nails do not work, I just pick at them until they come off.

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Answer by FunkyFresshh
keep your nails painted.
put on at least like 5 coats of nail polish.

with nail polish it'd be kidna gross 2 still bite them.
and wen you take it off or as soon as u see it chipping paint them again

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Comments (13)

  1. LmR

    Dip your finget tips in vinegar or something gross.. that way every time u try to bite them you will taste that gross taste

  2. Maya

    I did that when I was little and my mom got this really gross tasting yet pretty nail polish stuff. It completely cut the habit. Another way to stop it is to cut your nails really short so you can’t get at them to bite.

    Congrats on the wedding!

  3. princess

    keep your hands busy with kniting or paint your nails.

  4. nutz6ville

    Try keeping nail polish on your nails. You might pick at them at first, but hopefully that will deter you for awhile. There is also a nail polish type stuff that you can paint on your nails that tastes bad, to prevent you from biting you nails. You can try that.

  5. theone

    Try going for weekly manicures, your nails will be too pretty to bite/chew/pick at.

    Keep your hands busy while watching tv, l or better yet, put a thick heavy cream on your hands and cover with cotton gloves, your hands will be silky smooth.

    If you like take up knitting or stiching, something that will keep your hands busy.

    Be careful with fake nails, if any moisture gets between your natural nail and the artificial nail, you are at risk of a nail infection/fungus. Natural nails are the best.

  6. reeksofhoney

    Identify exactly when it is you start chewing your nails. Is it when you are at home, work, or school? Is it when you are sitting and hanging out or watching TV? Understand what might trigger mild anxiety for you and find a substitute for this behavior (such as bringing a glass of water to your mouth instead when you feel the urge to chew, or carrot sticks, whatever).

    Wouldn’t hurt to go for a mini manicure at a salon to encourage you to take better care of your hands.

    I bet if you let your nails grow a little naturally and kept them neatly filed, you would have nice looking hands.

  7. princess

    We’ll. . . . I guess you could go to a doctor or something they could give you medicine or i really think you should do this becasue this is what i do: i put all kinds of germ-x or stuff that burns your tounge and makes them feel bad so you won’t put them in your mouth i prmise that will work! i hope this helps you or you find your solution!

  8. ali m

    put nail polish remover on your nails. It tastes really gross and you’ll relize your biting your nails.

  9. lilmama_101

    I do the same..i know it’s hard to break the habit. First paint your nails. This still may not stop you so if you are doing something like watching a movie that doesnt involve moving try sitting on your hand or keeping them folded in your lap and everytime you think of reaching them up to bite you should remember by the polish to put them back down.

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  11. Ann B

    Here’s an old trick;

    Mix a drop of tobasco sauce in clear nail strengthening polish and wear that. It burns your mouth “gently” and will prevent the biting, plus strengthen them from all the biting you’ve done.

    Wear it for 21 days, that’s how long it takes to break a habit.

  12. pspoptart

    You can go buy special nail polish that tastes like crap or you can just do it the country way.

    You should probably keep your nails painted red so it doesn’t show as bad but anyway. You take cayan pepper or paprika (which ever spice just really burns your mouth) and you mix it with vodka and hot sauce or (you can use a little vegetable oil for the vodka if you have to) until it gets a little thicker than nail polish. The thicker you can keep it the better. Use an old nail polish brush that you have washed or even a q-tip and brush the mixture on your fingers. Let it dry really good. Vodka evaporates quicker so it dries faster, thats why more people choose it. It will dry and get hard (think about dishes you leave in the sink too long) and when you bite your nails you will get that burning from the spice. Its not toxic like nail polish and burning lasts for a while so you get the lesson quicker.

  13. bobby r

    cut your nails regularly or apply chilly paste on your nails