I want to sell jewellery but i dont know where?

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Question by tinkerbell: I want to sell jewellery but i dont know where?
am in dublin and i have a ring its a etoile 4 row pave diamond eternity ring total carat wieght is 3.5 i only have it since june and never wore it....how and where can i sell it and how much would it be worth?
no way am i putting it on ebay

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  1. Irene A

    First, bring it the a jewler and have it appraised, the jeweler might be interested in buying it from you? Second, try selling it on Ebay?

  2. lala

    try a local jeweler they should give you a good pricce to sale it for and thenu could use ebey if the jeweler does not buy it from yu

  3. simon a

    Do yourself a favour get to your nearest jewller get them to value it,tell them you need valuation for insurance..Then log on to E-bay or if you can`t then ask a friend to do it..

  4. chocolate spirit