I will be 35 weeks pregnant on Halloween and I need a good costume idea?

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Question by : I will be 35 weeks pregnant on Halloween and I need a good costume idea?
I need for the costume to be low in cost. I thought about dressing up like a cat and having my belly look like a fish bowl. If you have any suggestions please let me know I would like to start putting my costume together as soon as possible. Thanks for any advise.

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Answer by Kylie
Paint a pumpkin on your belly

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  1. Coco L

    Maybe a black shirt and pants, then cut a hole out in the shirt for your belly to pop out of, and paint something on it, like a pumpkin, or a stary night?

  2. 6 wks 6 days to go!!!

    I’ll be 35 weeks as well, and I’m gonna go as an oven. Get a box paint it grey with balck for the oven elemets and paint a bun in the oven. lol Then get your hubby a chefs hat. (Bun maker)!!

  3. mytillottboys

    i love your idea better thats cute you ought to do that

  4. maccrew6

    I just got a very off color, politically incorrect thought… a pregnant hooker… lmao

  5. Danijel P

    Make it a middle aged guy with a wife beater and a beer belly. Cheap and funny. :)

  6. Sally E.

    A funny approach would include a pregnant catholic school girl, pirate girl and paint your stomach as a cannon ball, or pregnant nun. You could also go as an old guy with a “beer belly”.
    Other approaches you could use would be to paint your stomach as a pumpkin or the cat and fish bowl idea you had (which I think is very cute).

  7. ashleymoore7

    A pregnant nun 😀
    I know a woman who did that for her pregnant Halloween.

    I also like the cute idea of painting some kind of Halloween design on your stomach, like a pumpkin.

  8. Suresh P

    Ur 8 month pregnant lady your costume free size dresing and kife size very loose ur using better indian lady night drees(nightee)

  9. canned.ice69

    Im a teen im gonna be too far pregnant but my ideas were Juno or a pregnant fairy

  10. Graham's mama, 33 weeks

    You could be Juno:)

  11. melodymeadows

    1. Classic Jack-o-Lantern—paint your belly orange with a classic smiling face. You can wear ordinary street clothes, or overalls with a flannel shirt and a straw hat.

    2. Fish-Bowl—paint a fish and some bubbles on your belly, then wear a light blue or white outfit.

    3. Watermelon—paint stripes on your belly in 2 different shades of green to look like a watermelon, then dress like a farmer.

    4. Bun in the Oven—paint a loaf of bread on your belly and dress like a chef.

    5. Peek-a-Boo—if you know a really good artist, you could have them paint your belly to look like your baby is peeking out. Ordinary street clothes would work fine with this costume.

    6. Crystal Ball—paint your belly white or light blue, and dress like a gypsy.

    7. Pea Pod—paint your belly green, then wear all green and cut a vertical slit in your shirt to let your belly show through.

    8. Basketball—paint your belly orange with black stripes, and dress like a basketball player.

    a. Mormon Missionary—wear a white button-up shirt, dark pants or a long skirt, black shoes and a backpack. b. Nun—works great if your husband goes as a priest
    c. Cheerleader
    d. Bride
    e. Prom Queen—dress in a formal gown with a crown.
    f. Stripper—wear a nurse or police uniform unbuttoned very low, with a dark bra underneath and a short skirt.
    g. Grandma—dress very conservatively, with a grey wig, and use a cane.
    h. Blow-up Doll—wear a flesh-colored bodysuit with a bra and panties over it. Cut the blow-up valve off of a beach ball or other inflatable toy, and glue it on your bodysuit somewhere very obvious. Use lipstick to create a big red circle around your mouth.

    2. Deviled egg—dress completely in white, and glue a yellow circle on your stomach. Devil horns and pitchfork are optional.

    3. Trick or Treat—dress normally, but pin a paper bag that says “Trick or Treat” to your belly and tell everyone that you’re taking your child trick or treating.

    4. Miss Conception—wear a formal gown with a sash that says “Miss Conception.”

    5. Mummy-to-Be—dress completely in white, and wrap yourself in gauze. Put white makeup on your face with black around the eyes.

    6. White Trash—wear cutoff shorts and a short shirt that lets the bottom of your belly hang out. Wear your hair in pigtails and go barefoot.

    Here are some costumes that don’t refer directly to your condition, but still utilize your expanding waistline:

    1. Mrs. Potato Head—sew gunny sacks together so you have one big sack big enough for your torso. Cut holes for your head and arms, and wear black tights and a long-sleeved shirt underneath. Make big lips, eyes, nose, sunglasses, etc. from felt and glue Velcro to them, so they’ll stick to the gunny sack. A large hat and purse will finish it off.

    2. Leaf Pile/Chia Pet/Popcorn Ball—all of these costumes use duct tape as the base layer. Wrap yourself entirely in duct tape, with the sticky side facing out, then stick leaves, grass, or popcorn all over the tape. You could also wear green, orange, or white clothing and just wrap your midsection in duct tape.

    3. Bag of Jelly Beans—take a clear plastic garbage bag and cut a hole in the bottom for your head, and holes on the sides for your arms. Dress completely in white, put the bag on, and stuff it with brightly colored balloons. A drawstring bag will work best, but any bag can be tied or taped together to hold the balloons in.

    4. Gumball Machine—basically the same as the Bag of Jelly Beans above, but you wear red pants and a red hat, instead of all white.

    5. Soap Suds—dress entirely in white and attach clear balloons to yourself. Wear soap-on-a-rope around your neck.

    6. Bunch of Grapes—dress in purple and pin purple balloons to your body. A headband with a branch attached will complete the look.

    7. Snowman—dress in a white sweatsuit or a disposable painters suit and paint your face white, with black around the eyes, a “carrot” nose made of construction paper, and black pom-poms for the “coal buttons” down your chest. Wear a long scarf and old hat.

    8. Tornado—dress in black, attach miniature cars, houses, and animals to string and pin to your torso. If people ask what you are, spin around and make a “Whirrrrrrr” noise.

    9. Pillsbury Dough Boy—wear a white sweatsuit and a chef hat with the Pillsbury symbol painted on it. Be prepared to get poked in the stomach all night and do a lot of giggling.

    10. California Raisin—wear tight black clothes under a black garbage bag. White gloves, shoes, and black sunglasses will complete the costume.

    11. Cotton Candy—dress entirely in white and use spray adhesive to attach pink-dyed pillow stuffing to your shirt.

    12. Christmas Tree—wear a green sweatshirt with dark jeans, and wrap green garland around your upper body for a “piney” look. Decorate yourself with ornaments. If you’re really crafty, you can make a cardboard star and attack it to a headband or hat.

    13. Candy Corn—wear white tights, an orange skirt or shorts, and