I’m getting married in Tanzania but I live in Iceland, will I be legally married in Iceland?

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Question by Helga: I'm getting married in Tanzania but I live in Iceland, will I be legally married in Iceland?
I'm getting married and I want to get married in Tanzania but I live in Iceland. So I was wondering if I'm legally married in Iceland as well or if I have to do something to make it legal? will the marriage liscence and marriage certificate be valid in Iceland?

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Answer by R P
The Embassy of Iceland in South Africa has jurisdiction over Icelandic issues in Tanzania ( http://www.iceland.org/za/the-embassy/embassys-jurisdiction/ ).

The following info is available on their website. It seems to say marriages abroad are considered valid by the Icelandic government. For the final word, you should contact the embassy and ask about your issue ( emb.pretoria@mfa.is
). The bottom of this answer has a bit about valid marriage in Iceland, if you end up having a second ceremony there ( http://www.iceland.org/za/the-embassy/consular-services/getting-married/ ).

I wish you the best of luck and many years of happy matrimony!

---------from embassy website-------------------------------------

If I am married to an Icelandic Citizen, can I apply for a multiple-entry visa to Iceland?

Yes. According to Icelandic law, spouses of Icelandic citizens can be granted multiple-entry visa to Iceland, which sometimes can be valid for the same period as their passports. Applications should be directed to the Icelandic Directorate for Immigration. A copy of marriage certificate and passport must be attached to the application.

Getting Married in Iceland
These are the requirements regarding marriage in Iceland:

The minimum age is 18 years.
The partners must present a birth certificate and a valid identity document (passport in the case of foreigners).
A medical certificate from each partner’s doctor stating that they have no communicable diseases has to be presented.
A certificate of marital status has to be presented.
If a partner has been married before, (s)he must present a divorce decree (original) or certified copy as issued by the relevant national authority. This document must be confirmed by the Ministry of Justice of Iceland so please allow time for this.
If one of the partners is a widow/widower official documents regarding estate/or collected assets and liabilities of a deceased person have to be presented.
An application form from the office of the District Magistrate of Reykjavik has to be filled out and two witnesses, (one for each partner in the marriage) certifying the eligibility for marriage of the person they know, must either have written their names on the application form in advance or do it in the office (if in advance, the document needs to have been notarised). These witnesses must be over 18 years of age and their birthday/month/year is needed on the document as well as their signatures. The witnesses do not need to be present at the wedding, as their role is to certify the eligibility of the partners. Please also write all names in block letters, as sometimes it is very hard to read signatures. Please contact the office of the District Magistrate of Reykjavik directly for application forms, see below.
The marriage will be held at the office of the District Magistrate of Reykjavik, Skogarhlid 6, IS-101 Reykjavik, tel. +354-569-2400, fax +354-562-8415. E-mail: syslumadur@tmd.is

You will have to have the required documents delivered to the office of the District Magistrate of Reykjavik at least two working days before the ceremony. If you mail your copies they have to arrive at least two weeks before the ceremony. If you mail your documents please also provide telephone and/or fax numbers where you can be reached in case further information is required.

Remember: when making arangements, please allow time for the processing of visas for Iceland if required.

For details pertaining to a Church wedding you should also contact either of the following:

The Dean of Reykjavík (East)
Rev. Gísli Jónason
Thangbakka 5
109 Reykjavík
Tel: (+354) 567 4810
e-mail: profaust@centrum.is

The Dean of Reykjavík (West)
Rev. Jón Dalbú Hróbjartsson
Hallgrimskirkja, Skolavörduholti
101 Reykjavík
Tel: +354 510 1000
Fax: +354 510 1010
e-mail: hallgrimskirkja@hallgrimskirkja.is

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