I’m haveing a Bright Orange, Hot pink and Lime green wedding. I need help with some ideas please anyone?

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Question by Mamie-Lou: I'm haveing a Bright Orange, Hot pink and Lime green wedding. I need help with some ideas please anyone?
My wedding is gonna be in May and need some ideas to save money. It's gonna be outside both the ceremony and reception. I want it simple but nice and to save money. Any ideas?

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Answer by 36 chuck
Wow! that wedding's going to be very bright! better wear some sunglasses.

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  1. :-)

    I have a great idea…choose different colors.

  2. JenJen

    Wow, you are so brave. Thats a lot of colours! :D. Perhaps wear a white wedding dress, with some bright pink earrings or something. Could serve bright coloured cupcakes, and havelime, strawberry and orange slices in the drinks.

  3. Katiegirl

    have some pink music play.
    just get neon everything. die drinks like pink and lime green with food coloring. you can even use spray paint for stuff

    help me

  4. Heathbar

    jello shooters!

  5. Leila

    that’ll cost you a lot of money

  6. CuriousKat

    1. Have you really considered the colours you are using?
    I thinking that it might be a little bit easier and cheaper to find accessories in more traditional colours since the demand for them is higher.

    2. If you want general ideas on how to save money, I have seen many questions asked about that today so if you do a search on the site you will find plenty of ideas

  7. Barbara B

    Pretty apoplectic colors dear one – nonetheless, they do manufacture all kinds of stuff in loud colors – plates, streamers, and you can even find flowers/green leaves.

    Problem will be the budget. Oh yeah. Well, there’s a reason why more traditional colors are cheaper than more daring ones – the manufacturers sell a lot more traditional stuff than daring.

    Your choice is to spend a little more, invite a few less, change your colors, or bite the bullet and pay for it.

    Oh – and I do hope you are NOT expecting Mom’s & Daddums (either of you) to pay for this. It should be your responsibility.

  8. Married Oct-18-2009!!

    Love it… My friend got married in July a couple years ago and she used Hot pink and Lime green because they were her sorority colors and she couldn’t decide on any other colors she liked. It actually turned out really pretty. She had the bridesmaids in alternating colors. Green, Pink, Green, Pink ETC. She had a spring mix of green and pink flowers. The cake was like the Alice and Wonderland cake. Pink and Green and a little lopsided. It was really cool looking. There are plenty of places to find pink and green things. Try save-on-crafts.com That website is awesome and they are incredibly cheap! Good luck

  9. Libby

    Those three colors are popular! Ignore all the neighsayers telling you to pick different colors. I love seeing a bride who’s not afraid of COLOR! (Not to mention one who’s doing something different than brown and tiffany blue… ugh.)

    Here are some visual references:


    I did red and saffron yellow. Viva la color! I just wouldn’t put your girls in orange, hot pink, or lime green, though. Few people look good in those colors. Choose instead pastel pink, pastel green, or pastel orange, and brighten them up with bright bouquets, maybe a sash, or perhaps flowers in their hair.

  10. KaraokeMojo


    There you go. There are some pretty flowers there. Also, lots of ideas from peers. It is difficult to put those colors together without some sort of clash, though. Try bright pink table coverings (just the plastic ones, they are inexpensive) lime green napkins, and find some plastic silverware from Halloween (should be going on sale SOON!). Look at party sites to find fun, modern paper plates to go with. You may find a theme with all 3 colors in them. As for your boquet, some green orchids, tiger lillys, and bright pink roses would be DIVINE! You can also get lime green sprayed baby’s breath to go with. Green orchid boutiniers and pink rose corsages… with the “Mother’s Corsages” being tiger lilys. You can buy silk rose petals in all different colors at walmart or Hobby Lobby. If you want to go really modern, if you are wearing a veil you could put clor coordinated jewels in it. If your hubby 2 be has a best man as well as 2 groomsmen, make each one wear a tie of a different theme color. You could also do the dresses for the bridesmaids and maid of honor the same way. But just to be symetrical, make sure the maid of honor and best man are wearing coordinating colors, as well as 1st attendants and second attendants. I just looks better that way if you ask me. I am training to be a wedding planner at the moment and I have lots of ideas. Feel free to email me for a free consult! I can look in your area for the right types of things. Good luck and congrats!
    Joy – Event Planning Consultant-In-Training~

  11. Mrs. A on 10/30/10

    I would not use those colors. More like a kids party than a wedding. Weddings are meant to be the most formal of affairs. Of course, some people have BBQs, but they still use decent colors.

    My daughter might enjoy that though… can you send us an invitation? We’ll be sure to bring towels for the slip n slide!

  12. KorenMichelle

    Just a tip, nothing against your color combo (although it is going to be a little loud). When you are trying to save money you should choose more common colors as things will be easier and less expensive then endlessly searching for odd colors that will cost more whereas they are not in season or commonly used colors so they will charge more because they can.

  13. William J

    Many people are worrying about the financial future, especially when facing the start of married life.

    Ideas to save money as you start your married life as often simple and obvious. If you have already considered the following ideas then you are well on your way to saving money. One of the highest reasons for marriage breakdown is dept. So I have set out a number of money saving ideas for your wedding, drawn from personal experience.

    There are however a number of things that we should remember, the dress should be wonderful, the reception the best it can be, and of course the wedding photographs should be the best they can be at the best price.

    ■One of the most expensive parts of the wedding can be the reception. Although a buffet can often be cheaper than a sit down, you may prefer a sit down meal – A simple idea is to cut down on the guest list if you are trying to save the money, and invite others to a reception party after the main reception.
    ■Serve Cava in place of champagne to greet your guests and for the toast – no one will mind or notice!
    ■Get married later in the day – it saves having to feed your guests twice
    ■Serve your cake as dessert – choose a chocolate or lemon cake in place of the traditional fruit cake and ask your caterers to serve with fresh cream and berries.
    ■Get married on a week day – many venues are much cheaper then at weekends
    ■Choose flowers in season – they cost more if they have to be flown in
    ■Avoid Christmas and Valentine’s Day – although popular, the costs will go up – flowers in particular are more expensive at this time of year
    ■Ask friends and family to help – when my wife and I married, my Father made the cake, my Mother decorated it, we used a friend’s cream Mercedes as the wedding car and another made my wife’s wedding dress.
    ■Make your own stationery – that way you save money and have something very personal to treasure – the Confetti website offers a free print download service
    ■Oxfam now has a fabulous service of second hand and unworn dresses, but if your heart is set on a new dress, consider having your dress made by a local dressmaker – or as one of my clients has done have your dress made in china! Her dress was made to measure in pure silk, and cost just £80 from an e-bay advert.
    ■Do take out wedding insurance as this can give you peace of mind should anything go wrong
    ■Make your own favours – favour boxes filled with sweets look lovely and don’t take long to do, or make cookies and initial them with your names and the date of the wedding
    ■Don’t scrimp on the photographer (“you would say that,” I hear you cry) – But those images will live with you forever – Ask if you have will be given the right to copy the photos, and if you will be given a CD that is of High Resolution of your pictures for you to print as you wish.
    ■Also check the photographer is a member of a professional body and remember to ask for to see their membership card, no one who is a member of a professional body would ever object to that, if they do, don’t use them.