Im looking for bridesmaid dresses?!!!?

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Question by hjugiuytru8yt87: Im looking for bridesmaid dresses?!!!?
Im looking for Bridesmaid's dresses that are short (because my dress is short) and suitable for younger girls and also I want same dresses, same design but each different color....


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Answer by grammie
Davids Bridal

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  1. Priscilla 101 >Is ENGAGED<

    well.. if you are looking for younger girls you might want to try

    thats where I’m getting mine from

  2. Red

    I feel for you. I took me several months to even decide on a color for my bridesmaids. I have had nothing but problems with Davids Bridal, the colors never match, the fit is always different . . . but they are a great resource to choose a style you like. has some really cute inexpensive styles under cocktail dresses has short styles also

    Give those a shot.

  3. PattyRose75

    You can try They can custom make you the dresses you want for a reasonable price.