Im looking for the best book, or system on winning your wife back after a separation. I have acted desperately?

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Question by huntwalleye: Im looking for the best book, or system on winning your wife back after a separation. I have acted desperately?
I have acted desperately and need something to coach me from the angle of being a strong man. Any good books or Web sites. I have found some save you marriage books but am a little leary of spending $ 50 for something that maybe worthless. Let me know what you've read or any advice?

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Answer by Nikkie
I hear fire proof is a good book.

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How to save my Marriage Now after separation

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  1. Brianna

    The real and honest truth, nothing will work if she doesn’t want to be won over. My ex used many of those books and all failed. I wouldn’t have gone back to him for any reason.

    If she doesn’t want you back, nothing will convince her otherwise. But i think you already know that. You can try to pretend you change, but eventually your true self will come back out again and she’ll leave again. You are only postponing the inevitable.

  2. dj1973

    I wish I could tell you something. I am going through this with my husband right now.

    I was begging the first few weeks, now I’m trying to back off like I just don’t care. Hopefully it works.

    If you find anything, please post it. Good luck to you.

  3. stephanie

    watch the movie fireproof and then do the ‘love dare’ book.

    my husband cheated on me a few months ago and we are working throught the book together. it is really good. maybe also read ‘the 5 love languages’
    also pray about it!
    good luck
    p.s.- don’t put a price tag on attempting to fix your marraige- a divource will cost way more then $ 50!!!

  4. Osama bin Jesus!!!!!!!

    check this out neo-tech marrage on google you might fine something intresting

  5. Raul L.

    I know you can read a book about Charles Stanley called “A Gift of Love.” It says “Can you remember a time in your life when you did not know God and wanted nothing to do with Him? Because of the depth of His perfect love, God loves you even when you do not love Him. Dr.Stanley describes the unchanging love that the Lord has for you in 3 specific areas: God—the giver of Love, Jesus Christ—the gift of Love, and the world—the recipient of Love.” You can get it at your local Cristian book store or you can e-mail them at You can even order it toll free at 800-333-5849, but these are for credit card orders. It shows that it is 16.99. Good luck.