In China's Most-Watched Divorce Case, 3 Victories, 1 Defeat

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Every time we come to Camp, this book is turned around so the spine is facing the wall. I guess the idea of divorce scares one of my relatives. I always turn it back around. Ignoring your fears doesn't make them go away!

In China's Most-Watched Divorce Case, 3 Victories, 1 Defeat
On Sunday, in a major victory for feminists and the rule of law, a Beijing court granted Ms. Lee a divorce on grounds of abuse and made history by issuing a three-month protection order against her ex-husband – a first in the nation's capital, Beijing ...
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Weight Gain Is Grounds For Divorce? Couple Weighs In (VIDEO)
Significant weight gain is grounds for divorce." We put the question to HuffPost Divorce's Facebook and Twitter followers last week to mixed reactions on both sides of the issue. On Thursday, HuffPost Live did the same, asking viewers if a spouse's ...
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Man faces 'tremendous' cruelty, granted divorce
... the grounds of cruelty as well as desertion as defined under the HMA. There is no other reason under the law on account of which the husband would be denied the relief and as such he is held entitled to decree of divorce on both grounds," the court ...
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