In Upstate SC, What are the best outdoor locations to get married?

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Question by darthpandaofdoom: In Upstate SC, What are the best outdoor locations to get married?
Also, reception halls would be appreciated. I need somewhere that is not too expensive and allows your own foods.

And if anyone knows of any churches that has nice landscaping and a reception hall that allows nonmembers to rent it out, please let me know.

And please do not put a website down. I have checked all of them that I can think of. I'm looking for actual locations, possibly one unadvertised online.

Ten points to someone with an actual location.

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Answer by phantom_of_valkyrie
How far are you from Charlotte? There are hundreds of golf courses in Charlotte that are perfect for weddings.

My other suggestion is to ask around in your area. Ask your photographer some of the places they have done weddings. Ask your florist. I actually found the place I was going to use first and they gave me a list of some caterers that had been there before. She was the caterer I ended up using.

Do you have a shriners club near you? Where does your local high school have its prom? We have a Shriner's Temple right near us which was where I had my wedding and it was perfect.

Are you Clemson fans? How close are you to Clemson? There are several places on Campus that would be great. I'm thinking of the Reflection Pool as a backdrop.

Public Parks are also great. I'm assuming you aren't religious or you would use the outdoor area around the church. Then you could have the reception in the church fellowship hall.

If you are a little lower I'd suggest Augusta or Athens GA. They have lots of places as well. Pick up a copy of Here Comes the Guide at most bridal stores.

Do you have a Civic Center? It would help if we knew where you were located and how many people you are hoping to accommodate.

Lake Jocassee is absolutely gorgeous. A public park around the area or for a small wedding, I bet you could find a boat rental. I know on Lake Norman we have Queen's Landing. Basically a big old fashioned paddleboat (true Mississippi style) that you can rent for weddings.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Vicky and Seans Wedding 22-08-09
wedding reception halls in queens
Image by sweenpole2001
Lord Leycester Hospital, Warwick:
This was the fantastic venue for Vicky and Seans Wedding in August 2009.

"The Chantry Chapel of St James was built in 1126 by Roger de Newburgh, 2nd Norman Earl of Warwick. In the late 14th century it was rebuilt by the 12th Earl of Warwick. He granted the benefice of the Chapel to the Guild of St George, a guild created on 20 April 1383 under licence from King Richard II. The Guild of St George was later joined there by the Guild of the Blessed Virgin, which had been based at the Collegiate Church of St Mary, forming the United Guilds of Warwick. Living quarters and reception, meeting, and dining halls were added to the chapel as a consequence. The Guildhall was built in 1450 by the 16th Earl of Warwick.

The United Guilds were dispersed by King Henry VIII in 1546. However, their property had already been transferred to the Burgesses of Warwick by Thomas Oken, Master of the Guilds. The 1st Earl of Leicester acquired the buildings in 1571, founding therein a hospital for aged or injured soldiers and their wives, under royal charter from Queen Elizabeth I, run by 12 resident "Brethren" (originally soldiers) under the charge of a "Master", and funded from the income of various estates. This lasted until 1950.

In 1956 the Corporation of the Master and Brethren of the Hospital was abolished by Act of Parliament, having operated under the original charter for nearly 400 years, and replaced with a board of Governors. On 3 November 1966 a restored Hospital with modernised quarters was opened by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and today the Hospital is run by the Master, a retired officer of the Armed Forces. Eight ex-servicemen and their wives are provided with flats in return for their services. The Hospital is funded by visitor income, the original estates having been sold over the years."
(Wikipedia : )

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