Is getting divorced becoming a morally accepted trend in the entertainment industry?

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Question by Shake Ya Moneymaka: Is getting divorced becoming a morally accepted trend in the entertainment industry?
Tell me the last time a celebrity couple didnt get divorced or separated and I'll give you $ 100 but im confident that will never happen because it never has. To sum it all up: Two beautiful rich and famous people just dont get along, thats reality.

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as is homosexuality

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  1. salvager1979

    it has been for long time already been the trend of hollywood to promote divorce..

  2. FalconL

    Yup look at the recent breakups like Demi Moore Ashton, Katy Peery Russell, Heidi Klum and Seal.

  3. B@by Girl

    “Tell me the last time a celebrity couple didn’t get divorced or separated and I’ll give you $ 100” Will and Jada. HA! You owe me $ 100. Lol. Just kidding but I agree with you. It does seem like getting a divorce is becoming the new trend in Hollywood. Personally, I think the only reason why celebrities get married (and then divorce) is because they know it will get them more publicity. They know that if they get a divorce the media will be all over it and that it will be on the cover of every magazine and that it will get people to talk about it. I think it is truly sad how celebrities just get marry and divorce like it’s nothing. Marriage is a very serious commitment that should never be taken lightly. People should only get married if they truly love each other and truly intend on spending the rest of their lives together. Marriage is about love, commitment, compromise, trust, etc. It’s about being together through the good times and the bad times. Celebrities obviously don’t know the true meaning of marriage and/or simply don’t care. Most celebrities only care about money and attention and will do anything to get it including getting marry and divorce. So Sad!

  4. Rama

    I think that divorce happens all the time, but because it is hollywood and we hear/see it in the news that so and so is getting a divorce, we notice it a lot more.
    That being said though, it has become quite tiresome and I wouldn’t hold my breath every time a new couple gets married. ‘Cause I don’t think it has to do with being “morally accepted” but I just find it so annoying these days. I feel like they all get divorced for the stupidest things and they really do not want to even work on it then after they announce their split, a week later they’re spotted with someone 20+ years their junior.
    As my mother says “with all the money and ‘luxury’ their lives lead, in the end they all get ‘tired’ with each other and just move on to someone, well younger. Because, well, they can. They have all the money in the world and can afford anything, so they wouldn’t be losing out on much like regular couples do with divorce woes.”

    PS: Actually, Paul Newman was married to the same woman until his death.
    (Just a little side note.)

  5. I'm bringing sexy back

    sad but true, yet there’s so many who still get married. they shouldn’t bother