Is homemade juice a better alternative to store bought juice?

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Question by J.L.: Is homemade juice a better alternative to store bought juice?
We received a juicer as a wedding gift and I'm wondering if homemade juice is really all that better than the regular store bought stuff. Juice is juice right? If it is better what makes it better? Thanks in advance.

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Answer by curlysue
No preservatives or added sugar.If you have an orchard like i do no pestisides either or you can buy organic.

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  1. Amy

    Definitely homemade juice is better. Packaged juice has to have some preservatives to extend the shelf live. Get local fruit and make your own. You can also mix and match and create your own juice cocktail. Pick all different colors of fruit as they contain different nutrient.

  2. Tom ツ

    It is not easy to find freshly squeezed juice at the store that is just that, freshly squeezed. Many juices at the supermarket are ‘made from concentrate’ or have added flavors and preservatives. Even those that claim they are 100% juice are actually treated and flavored so that every batch tastes exactly like another. This is common practice in the industry and why many people prefer one brand of juice over the other, because of the flavor ‘packets’ the company puts in their juice. Juice companies also store their juice for several months in huge stainless steel containers so they aren’t constantly juicing fruit

    Juice pressed from fresh fruits and vegetables are infinitely more nutritious. They contain more vitamins and minerals and fiber than just about any juice you can buy at the supermarket, even those that have synthetic vitamins and minerals added to them lost during the juicing and storage process

  3. mark

    Better tasting most assuredly. But only marginally healthier (if at all). Tropicana (for example) is made from 100% oranges. No preservatives. Florida Natural and MinuteMaid also have no preservatives or added ingredients (unless you specifically seek out the OJ with added calcium or vitamins)

    If you subscribe to the fact that organics are healthier, you could purchase organic oranges but otherwise, you are basically getting the same stuff.

    So, the big difference is taste. An orange juiced 5 minutes ago will taste better than an orange juiced 5 weeks ago.

    Lastly, OJ is not good for you in large quantities. It’s loaded with sugar (mostly fructose).