Is it normal to have two people performing a wedding ceremony?

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Question by Rnrqueen: Is it normal to have two people performing a wedding ceremony?
I am thinking about having a friend of my parents perform my wedding ceremony he would be able to do everything but the actual I Do's at that time the minister would step in and perform the I Do's. Would that be legal or customary?

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Answer by kim
It would not be normal or customary, but it is not unheard of and it is perfectly legal. Good luck, and congrats!

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  1. seamstress

    We were married in a church. Prior to the ceremony, while we were at the alter, my father’s cousin, who was a priest, spoke a few words. This was customary in our family for this relative to speak at every wedding he attended. He knew all of us well and we were able to appreciate some inside jokes. After his input, the priest would step in and perform the matrimonial ceremony.

    So, yes, it is very legal and binding to have “speakers” at a wedding as long as the officiant is qualified to preform a wedding ceremony. I assure you, when you leave the church, you will be newlyweds!!

  2. weddingqueen

    The (customary) answer would depend on your religion and if your minister agrees. It would be legal providing you get all of the proper paperwork completed. But you should definitely check with your local government to be absolutely certain.

  3. John B

    your call go for it

  4. briteyes

    I wouldn’t say that it is “customary,” but it’s certainly not unusual for a minister to co-officiate weddings. For couples who are not close to a particular clergy person, having someone they know preside over at least part of their ceremony gives it a much more personal feel (or if they are close to more than one–I know one woman whose father was a minister, and had him co-officiate her wedding after walking her down the aisle). Some interfaith couples will even have clergy from both faiths involved with their weddings.

    Laws vary by state/country, but where I live, as long as the officiant signing the marriage license has the legal authority to perform weddings, you’re golden. I do recommend having both officiants communicate with each other, or to meet with them together for at least one planning session, so that they both have a clear idea of how the ceremony should go.

    We had two officiants at our wedding. They were both ministers and co-workers of mine (I was working at a church). We planned the ceremony with both of them, and divided the duties between them: one gave the welcome, a blessing, and the declaration of consent while the other did the ring ceremony, the actual vows, and a closing benediction. One of our friends did a reading in between, and it all worked out perfectly.

    Best of luck to you!

  5. Rebecca

    Its fairly normal these days, especially in weddings for people who aren’t religious. I’d even go as far as get him ordained for the day so you wouldn’t even need the minister.