Is June 11 too late to go bridesmaid dress shopping for an Oct. 1 wedding?

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Question by juliettavirgo: Is June 11 too late to go bridesmaid dress shopping for an Oct. 1 wedding?
I'm trying to work out the best day to go bridesmaid dress shopping for my two bridesmaids who live 3 and 1/2 hours away. The best day looking at the calendar is June 11. After they get their dresses, I still have to get my stepdaughter a dress too. Will June 11 be too late in the year to do this? I'm unsure right now of whether they'll be getting something right off the rack or something like from David's Bridal that they will have to order.

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Answer by Lisa
We just ordered our bridesmaids dresses for a wedding that i'm in on Sept 18. I think June is cutting it too close. You need to be getting those ordered by at least May and then again it really depends on how long they take to come in. The ones we ordered are supposed to be in in 3 months and then you need to leave time for the bridesmaids to get alterations done on them. Plus, there is always the chance the dresses might be delayed!

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  1. ❤JULIE❤

    i dont think so have you look at they have great dresses!

  2. Seafoam Green

    One of my sister’s bridesmaids just ordered her dress from Alfred Angelo and they said it will be 8 weeks until it comes in, then she has to have alterations done. She feels like she’s cutting it close. (wedding is july 2nd)

    I think 4 months is enough time, as long as both BMs are prepared to pay for and order the dress immediately when you go shopping June 11th.

  3. Ashley B

    No it not late to get your bridesmaid dress on that day, but you need to get them just a little but earlier or something.

  4. Margie

    Not too late at all. I’m getting married May 8th this year and my girls just ordered their dresses on February 19th. You may have to pay a little more for rush shipping if you cut it as close as we did but not too late to order at all. Bridesmaid dresses usually are the ones that have to be ordered, unless you dont care about matching style and/or color. they arent going to have a dress shop with your size, color, and style for more than one girl on the rack. That’s not too late, and good luck with your wedding and marriage. 😀

  5. amethyst-ran

    I know people who have had very short engagements but managed to get dresses in that time. However, if you only have that limited time, then that is all you have. But you have almost 7 months and I would not wait until less than 4 months before the wedding to get the dresses. I just think it will feel very rushed. Some places don’t get the dresses to you for a minimum of 8 weeks and then you have to take into consideration alterations, etc. Two of my girls’ dresses were measured incorrectly so they had to go back to the store and the store had to reorder them which took another 8 weeks. I’m not saying that to scare you but just be prepared. (It was the store’s fault and I was very upset. I think the girl that measured them must have been new and measured them incorrectly.)

  6. cem08

    It depends where you shop. If you go to a bridal salon, you are cutting it too close, because they take extremely long to order the dress, and you always need alterations ect…alterations are a give in in bridal salons*…but if you only have a day to look for some, then go to different malls, or places that have buy and take dresses. If you do this, then your time-line is fine.

  7. Perse
  8. Matilda

    The average time it takes for bridesmaid dress to come in is about 12-14 weeks, though it depends on the manufacturer. Some dress manufacturers like Bella Formals or Impression Maids takes about 8-9 weeks to arrive. Also most designers do rushes as fast as 5 weeks. So you should be ok. Good luck

  9. Libby

    Heck no! That gives you 4 months still, which is plenty of time. You’ll want to choose dresses THAT WEEKEND and order them right away (make sure your girls know this so they can be ready to pay for the dresses), but it’s still plenty of time.

    My girls got their dresses at David’s, and bought them mid-late February for my end of May wedding. So 3 months for them. One girl got her dress in about 3 weeks. The other took the full 8 weeks (different state) which had me a little worried, but they had told her 6-8 weeks, so it came in on time with plenty of time to spare.

  10. Sarah

    I always say the earlier the better, but if you do chose a place like David’s Bridal, since it is a nationwide store they have lots of inventory with tons of different dresses. David’s is different because they do not make the dress to fit who is wearing it. It is just a standard size they will order. If they have the dress, in the right color, in the right size, the BM can bring the dress home with her that day. However, if you pick a common color and a common dress, lead times can be as short as 6 weeks. The computer system there also will not let you order a dress if they will not come in on time, so that can help calm your fears as well.

    Hope this helped!!

  11. Landry

    of course not too late
    You can try they sell wedding dresses online and you can get the dresses from them in very low price,and the delivery is fast.