Is the movie Bridesmaids awkward to se with your mother?

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by erin m

Question by obsession♥: Is the movie Bridesmaids awkward to se with your mother?
I wanna see Bridesmaids and so does my mom but I'm wondering if the movie is too sexual and is gonna be awkward to watch with your mother haha. I'm almost 18 if that matters.

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Answer by Jessica Wolf
if u guys are close and used to that kind of stuff then probably not

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  1. aot dnr

    You are both adult, just watch it without worry

  2. Brooke

    Here is a list of stuff that is in the movie that might be a little awkward from IMDB:

    S__& Nudity

    We hear a man and a woman moaning and a man making se___ suggestions to a woman, and then we see the woman on top of the man, straddling him and actively thrusting with her hands over her breasts (she is wearing a bra); the man and the woman switch positions multiple times and we see the man’s bare back and chest as he thrusts on top of her (a portion of his bare hip is also visible).

    A man and a woman kiss passionately, the woman wraps her legs around the man, he carries her into a bedroom and they kiss passionately on a bed; the man is shown on top of the woman as they begin to take off one another’s clothing and we see the woman wake up the next morning in bed (s__ is implied).

    We see a video tape of a man wearing brief-style underwear (his bare chest is visible) and lying on a bed as a woman adjusts the camera and announces she is recording a “first s__ tape”; the woman is fully clothed, makes suggestive comments about the man eating a sandwich, and she places a sandwich on the man’s stomach and eats it in a suggestive fashion with her head close to his crotch.

    We see a shirtless man (a portion of his bare chest is visible) in bed with a woman (she is wearing a bra that reveals cleavage); he kisses the woman and rubs her breast suggestively.

    A woman stands in front of a man and implies that they should have s__ in an airplane bathroom; the man turns her down, she makes a crude remark about her genitals having “steam” and puts her leg up to trap the man against the bathroom (the man pushes past her).

    A topless woman drives a car in order to get a police officer’s attention and another woman steers the car as the topless woman covers her chest with her hands (a small portion of her bare back is visible).

    Two women jokingly grab one another’s breasts while dancing (both are clothed).

    We see a woman wearing a bra and underwear (her bare torso and back are visible) climb into bed with a sleeping, shirtless man (his bare chest is visible); he kisses her passionately and asks her to leave.

    While lying side by side in bed, a woman wraps her arms around a man; the man kisses the woman on the face and the woman puts her head on his bare chest.

    Two women kiss.

    A man touches a woman on the arm and then jokes, asking her not to sue him because he touched her.

    Two women have a graphic se___ conversation about a woman’s se___ habits and former partners; one of the women says that she and her husband often do not have s__ after showering separately but the woman still desires s__.

    A man implies to a woman that she could rest her head on his lap and perform oral s__.

    A woman tells another woman that her sons leave semen “all over everything” and implies that she found a blanket used for se___ reasons, which was so hard it cracked.

    A woman tells another woman that she “needs” a trip so she has something to sexually fantasize about while she is having s__ with her husband.

    A woman tells a group of women that she wants men’s genitals in her face.

    A woman uses crude language to discuss the se___ habits of her ex-husband and his new wife.

    A woman tells another woman she is going to “climb” a man, implying s__.

    A woman makes a crude joke to a group of women that she is forced into prostitution to make money.

    A woman makes a crude remark about a woman bleaching her genital region and another woman agrees that she had done so.

    A woman makes a crude remark to a pre-teen girl about the girl’s chest; the girl makes a crude remark in return and the woman then tells the girl to have a baby at prom.

    A woman asks a man if he stows a gun in his buttocks, and she then explains how she had learned from another man that he had stored his gun in his buttocks; she tells the man that she could store an iPod in her buttocks.

    A woman makes a crude se___ gesture.

    A woman shouts that she thinks two women are lesbians, she then shouts “Lesbians!” at them and another woman nods in agreement.


    About 23 F-words and its derivatives (2 are uttered by mothers and directed toward their young children), 17 se___ references, 34 scatological terms, 21 anatomical terms (3 mild), 7 mild obscenities, name-calling (pieces of bacon on a plate, psychopath, stinky, sticky, smelly, grandpa, filthy, savages, jerk, wormy, stone cold pack of weirdos, crazy, maid of dishonor, old single loser, silly, pathetic, lesbian, idiot, freak), exclamations (oh my gosh), 2 religious profanities, 20 religious exclamations. And 1 use of the c-word

    Hope this helps!

  3. MoOn*LiGhT

    Honestly after the first sex scene which is more humorous than “steamy” there really isn’t any nudity at all. There are some jokes about sex and stuff but nothing out there.
    The awkward one is the first one but it’s funny in a dumb way. mainly the girl changing positions like 6 times but you don’t see any nudity.

    Enjoy, it was funny :)