Is your Marriage void if you’re included in a marriage coordination scam in Philippines?

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Question by J R: Is your Marriage void if you're included in a marriage coordination scam in Philippines?
I got married mid of 2005,I went to the Capitol City Hall in Cebu and inquire for a civil wedding and talked to someone with a payment of 3000 pesos. We got married have the marriage certificate at the NSO.But after few years the judge who married us was included in a marriage coordination scam. For any lawyers reading this one or anyone who have knowledge of this situation i need your help and ask if my marriage will be voided if we're included on this marriage coordination scam?

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Answer by David
I don't think that you have another option than asking a lawyer.

Now, my question is: Do you want not to be married? Do you want to get your marriage annulled and this is just a good way to do so?

In either case, if there is an official marriage certificate from the Philippines, it is binding both in USA and Canada, and pretty much anywhere in the western world. And if you are unsure, but you want to be with your spouse, simply go and get a new marriage. You may mask it as "renewing your vows". I think pretty much any place will allow you to do so. Texas does! Even if you married abroad the first time, as I did.

Good Luck!

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