Know any songs about being tough after a break up?

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Question by Moony: Know any songs about being tough after a break up?
Or being strong while your hearts broken; or doing your best to move on?
Oooor I would love songs about how a heart break/ break up didn't effect someone at all, and they're taking in well, and they're all bad a** and "i don't care" about it, you know? Lol.

Best answer:

Answer by Spam,spam it comes in a can.
Ridin solo- jason derulo
Single ladies- beyonce
Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive- had to add this lol
Cher – Strong Enough- beginning is a tad odd but the chorus is pretty gud 😛
REM – Everybody Hurts
Carrie Underwood – Wasted
im not missing you - stacie orrico
p!ink- so what
Free or Survivor by Destinys Child.
All American Rejects - Gives You Hell
Rihanna - Hate That I Love You

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For Better Endings 03
for better or worse you should've put a ring on it
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  1. Mollaaaaay

    the veronicas – in another life

  2. Chem Helpneeded

    “Pieces” by Sum 41
    “Rearranged” by Limp Bizkit
    “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor
    “In The End” by Linkin Park
    “Moment of Weakness” by Bif Naked
    “Stronger” by Britney Spears
    “Ghost” by The Bright Light Motion

    Sorry they’re mostly rock. The best R & B one I can think of is “Not Gon’ Cry” by Mary J. Blige

    There’s a lot more but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

  3. M

    the fray- trust me
    hungover- kesha
    leave- jesse mcartney
    jacks mannequin! :) – spinning – crashing –
    boys like girls : chemicals collide, love drunk, broken man
    hit the lights: dont wait
    begin again, i wont – colbie calliet
    hope these help!

  4. Savong

    Her world goes on
    the artist is wrong btw !


  6. ๑۩۞۩๑♥The Blaxican♥๑۩۞۩๑

    TLC-Bad By Myself
    Rihana-Take Bow

  7. Veronica

    There two that I listened to all of the time when I broke up with someone and also when I’m just feeling down about life as it is. I hope you listen to these songs, they have a great message and sound very upbeat:

    “So You Can Cry”- NeYo

    “Move On”- by George Michael

    “So You Can Cry” talks about how you can sit and sulk all day but it won’t do any good. You have to get on with your life and be happy again.

    “Move On” is about how life will get better, you just have to put your negative feelings aside and focus on the good aspects.

    I hope you listen to these songs, and hopefully they help you a little :-)

  8. po8grl

    alicia keys; superwoman
    erykah badu; tyrone
    destiny’s child; through with love
    destiny’s child; bad habit
    destiny’s child; independent woman
    aaliyah; i refuse
    aaliyah; never no more
    beyonce; ring the alarm
    beyonce; irreplaceable
    beyonce; resentment
    beyonce; listen
    vivian green; gotta go, gotta leave
    vivian green; emotional rollercoaster
    justin timberlake; cry me a river
    jesse mccartney; its over
    jesse mccartney; just go
    jesse mccartney; right back in the water
    ashley tisdale; its alright, its ok
    deborah cox; its over now
    brandy; almost doesn’t count
    tamia; me
    alicia keys; a woman’s worth
    alicia keys; karma
    heather headley; i wish i wasn’t
    paramore; that’s what you get
    destiny’s child; free
    destiny’s child; is she the reason
    destiny’s child; say my name
    monica; so gone
    monica; knock knock
    monica; before you walk out my life
    keyshia cole; i shoulda cheated
    keyshia cole; let it go
    keyshia cole; shoulda let you go
    tlc; creep
    tlc; no scrubs
    whitney houston; heartbreak hotel
    whitney houston; its not right, but its okay
    ciara; never ever
    ciara; my love
    ciara; so hard
    ciara; like a boy
    paula deanda; walk away
    rihanna; take a bow
    rihanna; good girl gone bad
    rihanna; breakin dishes
    beyonce; if i were a boy
    beyonce; broken hearted girl
    beyonce; me, myself, and i
    shareefa; cry no more
    kelis; caught out there
    kelis; i hate you so much right now
    pink; so what
    pink; you make me sick
    pink; u + ur hand
    alanis morrisette; you oughta know
    chrisette michele; epiphany
    allison iraheta; friday i’ll be over you
    destiny’s child; if
    destiny’s child; bills, bills, bills
    destiny’s child; bug a boo
    destiny’s child; hey ladies
    destiny’s child; survivor
    kelly clarkson; since u been gone
    kelly clarkson; walk away
    kelly clarkson; never again
    boa; i did it for love
    shakira; don’t bother
    mary j. blige; not gon cry
    mary j. blige; aint really love
    mary j. blige; enough cryin
    mary j. blige; good woman down
    mary j. blige; gonna breakthrough
    mary j. blige; no more drama
    mary j. blige; we ride
    amerie; why r u
    amerie; gotta work
    paula deanda; doing too much
    paula deanda; walk away
    black eyed peas; shut up
    black eyed peas; dont lie
    ashanti; foolish
    ashanti; unfoolish
    ashanti; carry on
    ashanti; rain on me
    ne-yo; so sick
    neyo; go on girl
    raven symone; anti-love song
    asia cruise; selfish
    702; gotta leave
    brandy; who is she 2 u
    brandy; the boy is mine
    brandy; u don’t know me (like u used to)
    jazmine sullivan; bust your windows
    christina aguilera; fighter
    eamon; fuck it
    jojo; too little too late
    jojo; leave (get out)
    jojo; not that kinda girl
    letoya luckett; torn
    letoya luckett; regret
    monica; u should’ve known better
    monica; just another girl
    good charlotte; i dont wanna be in love
    papa roach; scars
    nickelback; how you remind me
    lauryn hill; ex-factor
    aly and aj; potential breakup song
    aaliyah; the one i gave my heart to
    tlc; unpretty
    tlc; damaged
    tlc; my life
    sunshine anderson; heard it all before
    jaheim; put that woman first
    ruben studdard; sorry 2004
    toni braxton; unbreak my heart
    toni braxton; just be a man about it
    toni braxton; he wasnt man enough for me
    ron isley; contagious
    avril lavigne; my happy ending
    mya; case of the ex
    mya; lie detector
    usher; u remind me
    tyrese; how u gonna act like that
    the killers; somebody told me
    the killers; mr. brightside
    dru hill; in my bed
    mariah carey; heartbreaker
    mariah carey; up out my face
    mariah carey; always be my baby
    blaque; im good
    blaque; as if

  9. +**+*love

    Beyonce-Me,Myself and I, Irreplaceable
    Christina Millian- Gonna tell everybody
    Mary.J Blige-I’m not gon cry
    Toni Braxton- Let it flow, just be a man about it
    LaToya Luckett- I don’t want it anymore
    Chrisette Michelle- Blame it on me