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Question by ME: Is Rottweiler a one man dog, and is it too dangerous ?
I am planning about buying a puppy, and I like Rottweilers.
1. Is there anything I need to take special care of ?
2. I live in Florida, U.S. Is there any paper works for having one ?
3. How much does a black male puppy cost ?
4. What are the good and bad points of this breed ?
5. Is Rottweiler a one man dog ?
6. Is it a dangerous breed ?

Thank u..

Best answer:

Answer by Shaina
You are going to have to research them yourself. FYI, they only come in black and rust.

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Comments (3)

  1. Gideon

    Rottweilers are big, powerful dogs that are not recommended for novice owners. Like most big, working breeds, they need a ton of exercise to stay happy, and require a firm, consistent, but fair leader in order for them to learn. If you must have this breed, then I would suggest you adopt instead– while puppies are very cute, as a novice dog owner, you will likely make many mistakes. They need constant attention and training, and a lot of people can’t actually handle it.

    There is no ban on Rottweilers in Florida, but you will need to register your dog with your local municipality.

    But as far as your questions…
    1) Nothing that you shouldn’t do with any other breed– training, exercise, love. Rottweilers are a generally health breed.
    2) Dog registration as well as a rabies tag and vaccination. Both are available at the vet.
    3) It varies from breeder to breeder. Check both the AKC Breed page as well as the Breed Club to find breeders. I notice there are quite a few in Florida.
    Rottweiler Club of America:
    4) I don’t know enough about this breed specifically to know this.
    5) Again, not sure, but the ones that I have encountered have loved everybody from what I observed.
    6) There is no such thing as a dangerous breed. All dogs are as good or bad as their owners. If you treat your dog well, socialize it early and continuously, train him, and give him exercise, he should be a well-mannered and even-tempered dog.

    As I mentioned, I would suggest you adopt an older dog instead. There are millions in shelters all over America, and they are so desperate for a home. If you don’t want an older dog because they won’t bond to you– think again. They love you just as much, if not more, and are so very grateful.

  2. Sunlight

    Can I just say that I totally agree with Gideon in this one? I probably would have made the same points.

  3. Emma

    A well-bred Rottweiler is generally a calm and loyal dog. It is extremely loyal, affectionate, and protective of its human family. The dog’s owner must be dominant, the Rottweiler must be subordinate to its master. Unfortunately, careless breeding, poor socialization, and lack of exercise or work can lead to an unstable and aggressive dog. The Rottweiler is good with its owner’s children, but should be closely supervised around other children.

    About Rottweilers –

    Rottweiler Tempermant –