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Some recent 90's music wedding reception auctions on eBay:

Question by DeNatale Jewelers: What would be your idea for a dream wedding?
Your dream wedding. Location, food, time of day. What is your idea of that sacred and special wedding day?

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Answer by micki
evening,white lights and candles,light finger food,springtime.

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  1. jen

    Well, my wedding was quite the dream. :-) I arrived on a horse-drawn carriage. We were married outside on a beautiful day. Our wedding was held under a pavilion, over-looking a golf course. There was a small waterfall and pond, with a little walking bridge, right by the pavilion. It was quiet and peaceful as we were in a small lake cabin resort town.

    If I could redo that day over, my husband and I already decided we would have gone to Maui and gotten married on the beach. We were contemplating this from the beginning, but decided to just honeymoon there as family members were upset. In the end, we still had family and friend drama, so it didn’t really matter!

  2. Emily

    i think the fall time with all the autumn colors would be a very pretty wedding.

  3. diamond_princess101

    somewhere near pretty blue water in the spring time so its not too hot and not too cold with just a little bit of wind blowing i never really thought of what time of day but i know i want it to be sunny and very pretty that day. the whole day i just want to be pampered and not do anything just go get my hair done my nails a massage etc i dont want anything to mess up i dont have that much family so i always pictured something not too big but not very small but it might just be big cuz my boyfriend has a lot of close friends and family if i could afford it i would want someone like brian mcnight to sing at my wedding u know just the basic things that every bride would want lol…

  4. sparky2gig

    No pomp, no circumstance. A stranger for the legally required witness. High noon for a time, food at the local Dairy Queen. So far as a sacred day, the more pompous the ceremony, the more likely a future divorce. What is it? Up to about 58% now?

    The ancient and traditional ceremonies of wedlock and burial have lost their values due to the imposition of capitalism and its inherent rejection of basic values in lieu of profiteering and gaudiness.

  5. Kristy

    Our wedding IS our dream wedding! It will occur in our church, where we met as youth. All of our friends and family are invited to be there to witness the covenant we are making with each other and God. It will take place at 1pm, on 8/1/09. Our goal is to make our guests feel welcome, comfortable and pampered. We are having our reception at a local winery. There will be plenty of butlered h’or d’ouvers and tabled appetizers, a wonderful variety of wine and drinks, a great selection of courses and a vast array of desserts. We are using tons of fresh flowers to symbolize new life and joy. We’ve hired an awesome DJ and photographer to capture the moments! We are super excited and looking forward to becoming man and wife. One of the most exciting parts for us will be the announcement, when we are first introduced as Mr. & Mrs. It gives me chills to think about it!

    Good luck!

  6. whtsupsid88

    I want an evening wedding, with an all american menu, simple decor with candle light, I would prefer to have the ceremony and reception at the same location, doesn’t have to be a church but something very pleasing to the eye unlike a community center atmosphere, preferably a place that is gorgeous already without the added decorations, where I live there are old historical theatres that have all the same fixtures that have been converted into banquet halls…gorgeous rooms for the ceremony…then another room for the reception equally as nice.

    I would want a huge wedding party, our kids to be involved in the ceremony, formal music for the ceremony but then an assortment for the reception, for us to get all the formalities out of the way and then party hearty!

  7. Lady K

    June 21st, my parents’ wedding date.
    A ceremony at Fourth Universalist Society in Manhattan with my old reverend and friend, Nate Walker.
    A reception would be at the American Museum of Natural History.
    The colors would be dark purple and gold, with the bridesmaids wearing gold and the maid of honor in purple. The tablecloths would be dark purple and the napkins would be pale gold.
    My flowers would be a mix or purple and cream with pale yellow. A mix of daisies, roses, and lillies.
    The food would be extravagant, and very italian.
    The cake would be a topsy turvey cake in my colors (something like this but shorter and in my colors:
    The music would go from Frank Sinatra type music, to 60’s&70’s, then to 80’s through 90’s and new music with a lot of dance songs but a few slow ones too.

  8. Julia B

    One that we shared with all of our loved ones. It begins in our church, where my great grandparents, grandparents, parents aunts and sister were married. Early morning, around 10am is ideal because the sunlight streams in through the huge stained glass windows and it looks like God is playing with watercolors. Fresh flowers everywhere, lots of roses and lilies. Lunch reception at the family home. Light appetizers followed by a sit down luncheon for all guests, white glove service, plenty of choices of amazing cuisine prepared by a host of chefs. Plenty of fine wine and liquor as well as homemade lemonade and iced tea, among other beverages. Linens on the tables, my great grandmother’s china, family silver service. Flowers and wreaths of greens and flowers everywhere. Garlands of flowers on the verandas. A string quartet in on the east portico for lunch, a live band on the west patio for the afternoon of dancing and celebrating. An evening meal for those who stay, plenty of casual fare to fill them up. A large homestyle dinner of smoked ham, roasted turkey, fried chicken, roast beef, macaroni and cheese, mashed red skin potatoes, greens, salads, fresh bread and rolls – the works, on the lawn, with the setting sun. Long banquet tables and plenty of good food, drink and conversation.

  9. Mrs Noel ♥6/19/2010♥

    I’m a total Disney freak, so on the stage at Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World. Ideally, my guests, groom, and I would have free run of the park with no tourists. I just ordered my dream dress the other day, so that would definitely be a part of it. I’d roll up in a “true” Cinderella carriage, complete with footmen and a trumpeter heralding my arrival. Dinner would be in the castle at Cinderella’s Royal Table, but the menu would consist of roasted chicken and prime rib, and there would be an appearance by the fairy godmother.

  10. Rosy

    Disneyland Fairytale Wedding with the horse and carriage.

  11. John C

    That stuff does not really matter to me. As long as all my friends attend, and everyone is having a good time, I am happy. It would also be nice if both my parents would give a speech about me. I always like it in the movies when the parents make a speech about their son/daughter getting married.

  12. Louise Smith

    My dream wedding would consists of being in The Bethwood in Totowa, New Jersey, with 600 guests, a beautiful seven-tiered Oreo Cookies and Cream cake, healthy food entrees, fruit platters, vegetable platters, Pepsi-Cola in elegant champagne glasses, and the time of day would be on a Friday in the evening, around 8 PM.

  13. fairy gal

    my dream wedding… my dream wedding would be in a church of course. i know it is traditional but i think that being married by the lord is sacred and the day is sacred! i want a princessy dress as cliche as it may seem .i would have roses everywhere. and once my newlywed husband and i would walk back down the aisle, people would throw petals. i love daisies too so maybe i could have some of them also. lol. i would not have eastery colors or pastels. maybe blue or green or pink. something that would stand out.

    it’d be in the spring, maybe in the late afternoon because then i could have a reception around sunset. i love sunsets. i know id definately dance at my wedding amd have my entire family there! as for food, we’d probably have small fingery foods and cake. big dinners and things are too much to deal with.

    as long as i marry the person i truly love with all my heart and spend the rest of my life with him.