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Question by Elena: Why are men expected to be romantic towards women?
Just outta curiosity, where did this notion of the whole men being romantic toward women come from? Like, why isn't it the woman sending the man gifts or little notes or whatever else you consider romantic? Why does the onus have to be on the man to do it?

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Answer by lucy
Generations ago,it was considered being forward,for a woman to chase a man.Do the courting.We have gotten so far away,from our roles.That is just the way it was always done,as to why?I don`t know.

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Comments (2)

  1. Cheetah

    Oh where, oh where should we begin here? Well, I guess all the romanticism blossomed once the women started to object to being clubbed over their heads and dragged back to your caves. Since we were the physically weaker sex, there was not much we could do in the way of defending ourselves against the bigger stronger gender. However, men subsequently discovered that they could not force truye affection out of the women. They knew that some of them had it and some of them didn’t. They also found out the only real way to get true affection is to give it. So that’s where it all started. Why it perpetuated is because scientifically, man has evolved to be naturally, emotionally, psychologically, and of course sexually attracted to the female. However, since it is against the law now to bonk us on the noggin and have your way with us, you have to actually try to get us to like you.

  2. Borat Sagdiyev.

    women love to be emotionally conned by men….and then later complain all men are dogs….they boastfully claim…no man can see through the deepness of womens heart….8itch what is there to see..if bottom of your heart is full of weakness towards…diamonds???

    the truth is women know nothing of romance…all the romantic creations are rendered by men….she can only conquer mans ego…by being a man hating cockteaser and all that shiet