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Some recent bride price definition auctions on eBay:

What’s in her bag (unpacked)
bride price definition

Image by tychay
What’s in her bag (unpacked)
Mountain View, California

Nikon D70, Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G, uv
DxO (blur, distorion, ca, vignette. noise) nik CEP (bw, ir bw)
f/4 at 1/1250 second, iso 200, 12mm (19mm)


This is what C—’s bag looks like unpacked when she is at a wedding shoot as opposed to all packed up.

The only major thing missing here is the headphones she uses for monitoring sound. She has a pair of Shure E3cs and a pair of Sony MDR-EX71SLs for that.

Check the notes section of this photo for an inventory of the rest of the equipment. Please note the recent edition of the Steadicam Merlin which replaces the steady cam I made for her.

I thought this photo looked a bit better as a duotone, but I was lazy and just turned it to a black and white with opacity turned down. I added an IR black and white digital effect to improve the contrast.

I wish I held the camera straight in this shot, but it seems acceptable enough.

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