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Movie Listings for Aug. 22-26
'Disney's Planes' (PG, 1:31) This animated tale about a crop duster that competes in a race against much sleeker, more powerful airplanes is in the “Cars” lineage, but it tries to duplicate the success of those movies through imitation more than ...
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You talkin' to me?: Best Film Comeback Quotes
4. "You talking to me?" Taxi Driver De Niro famously improvised the line in the mirror scene as Travis Bickle. ... commercial." Bridesmaids. Helen's (Rose Byrne) stepson utters this line, one of so many great comebacks in Bridesmaids, the new comedy ...

How American Rich Kids Bought Their Way Into the British Elite
Jennie came to have great influence over the political careers of her husband and son, and remained a force on the London social scene into the 20th century. She also came to represent what the British saw as the most vital kind of American girl ...
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