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Question by lizzy: Is brown a good color for a bridesmaid dress?
I'm having my wedding outdoors and it's going to be in June. I'm having it at our local audubon society. It is a beautiful location that overlooks Lake Michigan. I was just wondering if brown dresses would suit this wedding?
If you don't like brown, what other colors would be good?

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Answer by Emma-Rose
I think it could work, you have to think about what you would like, what your bridesmaids look like, what shade of brown your going for, if not a nice light purple almost always works.

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  1. lilmissbubbly:)

    I think brown is a more fall color, since your in June maybe a peach, orange, light blue, green, or pink would go better? ( think an aqua color would look beautiful, since your out looking the blue lake)

    Btw, your wedding setting sounds amazing!! <3

  2. busgrandma

    Only if you want the bridesmaids to all hate you.

  3. mj

    Brown is a great color! I have a cousin who did brown bridesmaids dresses and it looked beautiful with her color scheme. If you’re not sure about brown, you could do Coral, Lillac, pastel green, plum, or some softer shade of blue.

  4. Abelard

    Brown skin color is best for bridesmaid dress.others colors is Black and Red is most popular.

  5. Rolland Bennett

    Choose a color that will not only look good on the dresses but also scattered throughout your reception. Your wedding colors are reflected in your bridesmaids’ dresses, the table settings and the flower arrangements.