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Question by Maria: How should I do my makeup for the wedding?
Hiyaa, i'm 15 and i'm a bridesmaid for a wedding.
I'm normally... emo, scene, whatever you call it.
So I get kinda dramatic with my makeup.
The dresses are long, black, and have a v neck, like a bikini top.
How should I do my makeup?
Youtube tutorials, pictures, tips, links, anything will help.

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Answer by Sabrina
i wll giv u 5 choices for makeup:






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  1. Fay Griffiths

    This will be one of the most important days of your life, you will want to look your best. Wedding make up should seem romantic and dreamy. No dark colours, and not too much make up. Lots of plae eye shadow colours like a peachy colour or pale silver/grey colour. You can also have shimmery colours. Its best to keep the lips nude or have a pale light lip colour that doesn’t stand out to much. (you also don’t want to get it on the groom when its time to kiss the bride lol).
    For cheeks a nice rosy colour is perfect or a bronze colour I have attached a picture below to give you ideas on the sort of looks.

  2. rhea!

    michelle phan
    look at all her videos to find the perfect look on youtube
    she gives u every step

  3. K-la

    Ok, since your the bridesmaid you don’t want to take too much attention from the bride but you don’t want to look plain either.

    So I recommend anything that is simple yet elegant/dramatic. Some ideas I recommend is the basic cat eye eyeliner idea that is really popular., plus there are so many variation that you can work it to your style.

    Another idea is the popular as well smokey eye. there are also so many variations and color scheme that you can work it with your style.

    here are some other videos I found that you may like

    Well I hope I helped and gave you some ideas