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Question by sweetheart82: Korean wedding gifts?
I'm an American living in Korea and I have a co-worker who's getting married this weekend. I know I'm supposed to give money to her based on my status in society but I'm not sure how much.

Also am I supposed to put it in some sort of special card?

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Answer by Ginny Jin
50000 Won. I don't know about a card but as long as it is presented in an envelope (with your name on it so they know who it's from you should be fine - when I got married alot of people didn't attach their names to gifts - it caused so much confusion)

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  1. Pretentia

    About 50000 won is a fine amount. An envelope is fine, but you can get wedding cards at most local department stores or stationary shops as well, that might allow you to enclose a short note.

  2. Cat

    If the co-worker is someone you are supervising, be generous on the amount. If you are a head of department or company, make it 100,000 Won at least. If you are just another co-worker at same level, 50,000 is enough in general. However, if the wedding is at hotel, you might want to pay more than 50,000 – which is 100,000. The amount should be by 5— or 10— not 60,000 or 70,000.

    There should be envelope available with your company name on if you work for large size company. Ask for admin for such envelope. Otherwise you can buy them at any stationery store or even at 7 eleven. Don’t forget to write your name on the back of envelope and submit that to the one of the two desks at the entrance of wedding ceremony. One desk is for bride and another is for grooms family, and find the right one for your co-worker. If you give the envelope to wrong desk, your co-worker would never know.

    Oh, also, no card necessary. If you want, you can put a little note in the envelope, but very few people do that. I would rather use proper envelope for wedding than regular card – unless you personally deliver the card to the co-worker with some kind of nice gift. However, wedding gift is very very rare – people don’t give gift unless two of them are very very special friends.