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Sotomayor Opens Up About Childhood, Marriage In 'Beloved World'
Justice Clarence Thomas was the last member of the court to write a book that topped the list of national book sales, but while his vividly written autobiography sizzles with rage and resentment, Sotomayor's hums with hope and exhilaration. Those who ...
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Open Marriage Chez Clem: A Life with Clement Greenberg
MAX ERNST, A GERMAN SURREALIST and sometime husband of Peggy Guggenheim (the famously promiscuous art dealer), once overturned a fully loaded ashtray on the bald head of Clement Greenberg, thereby crowning him “King of the Critics,” which ...
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Ben Schrank's 'Love Is a Canoe' Portrays a Self-Help Author
“Love Is a Canoe” is a book of homilies about marriage as observed by the wide-eyed young adolescent Peter Herman during a summer he spent with his grandparents. They had a canoe. And wow, what a floating metaphor Peter turned it into. In “Love Is a ...
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