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Question by Bob Jamies: My Fiance says I can have a Mario Wedding cake but she wants to be Princess Daisy!?
I would be the Mario on the topper which poses a problem. We all know Mario dates Princess Peach and not Daisy. Mario and Daisy cannot be together. What should I do?

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Answer by MnM
be luigi. DUHHHHH!!!! 😛

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  1. Will

    Throw a turtle at her and say no!

  2. Zachary

    Find another cake you can both decide on.

  3. franky

    lol yea be luigi

  4. k@ || ♫

    let her be daisy.
    its her wedding too. most women wouldn’t let a man have that kinda cake. if people ask about it make a joke about how things didn’t work out with peach and you and daisy fell in love

  5. Bryan Webb

    I’d probably cancel the wedding. It’s your only option. Or… you could tell her that you are fine with the idea. And THEN after the order is made you call the wedding cake maker and explain to them this huge dilemma that you have. They of course would also know that Princess Peach is Mario’s true match, as does everybody in their right mind. They will change the order to Princess Peach instead of Daisy in the biggest cou-de-gra ever known to mankind. So, fast forward to the day of the wedding and you tell her that you know she is stressed by the wedding and that you will pick up the cake. When you get the cake you laugh in a evil manner to yourself and proceed to the wedding. When she sees the cake she erupts in anger! You HAVE to act furious like her and tell her to call the wedding cake maker immediately. She calls the cake maker and the cake maker would say that they were sorry but EVERYBODY knows that Mario doesn’t date Daisy and he thought it was just a misprint. It will be the ultimate burn because you will show her who is boss! I mean, sheesh! Who does she think she is anyway? Then, after she calms down and you (fake) calm down from the cake mishap the wedding will go on perfectly. And you both say your vows and promise not to touch another persons controller as long as you both shall live… Fast forward 5 years. Your bride is at a Game Stop for a midnight release of (insert new game here). Who is standing in line but the wedding cake maker guy. You aren’t there, the line is long and they get to talking. He starts spinning a yarn about a really wild wedding for a couple of happening kids and how the groom was deceitful about the cake that he made. The guy felt so bad later knowing that his lie broke a girl’s heart on her wedding day. She sat there and listened and didn’t say a word. He didn’t know it was her, but she knew! Oh boy did she know! Then, something changed. She snapped. She always wanted to be Daisy! How could the man of her dreams put Princess Beach on the cake? She drives home in a fury in the rain (did I mention that scattered showers were in the area?) opens the front door walks over to your Nintendo and SMASHES IT to pieces! You completely freak out because you hadn’t saved your current progress! The marriage is over and you can’t help but hate yourself and drink yourself in to an alcoholic haze. She remarries and has other kids. First daughter was named Daisy and there you are left a broken old man…. I’ve seen it a million times, friend. So, my advice… who cares about your stupid wedding cake. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!

  6. Pokemon Master