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Question by : Why do wives put their children before their husbands?
It seems that after listening to married men talk that women put their children as their #1 priority and their marriage to their husband as the last thing on their list. That's if it's even on the list. Do women truly take their vows seriously when they say they'll put no one above their husband? Because that includes children too.

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Answer by KJ
husbands are very replaceable.
kids are not.
nuff said.

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  1. Zulzen

    Children always comes first to a parent.

  2. Kaz13

    woman dont put there children first its just that children are incapable of doing things themselves as for grown men they know how to look after themselves and dont need to come first

  3. zeezeeme

    you feel more attachted to your children, and you have a greater sense of responsibility for them, esp as they are younger and more vulnerable, unlike the hubby who has a mind of their own…

  4. USMC wife <3 Due in June

    Children should come before husbands. Husbands can take care of themselves, children cannot. Of course their spouse should be a big priority, but not always the first.

  5. Dr.Phil w/b00bs

    it’s a bonding thing
    and I get it
    I always told my husband that he would be first because before anyone else it was just him
    then kids came and things changed

  6. SAN DIEGO !!!

    do you have children? …. I didn’t think so …. otherwise you would know exactly why we put our children before “ANYONE” ….

  7. Ellie

    Children are dependant on their parents for EVERYTHING, esp. in the beginning. Any husband who can’t understand and accept that is a baby himself.

  8. Mike the man

    you don’t have to declare that one is more important then the other. what you do is you prioritized based on time and situation you have to learn how to balance so if you can’t think anymore Intelligent then that you don’t ned children or a husband. You just need to understand that you will balance as the need arises. its no different then having more then one kid its the same principle.

  9. JohnQ

    You’re essentially jealous of your own children. You should get a pen, write all your needs down on a sheet of paper. Then crumple it up and throw it out the window. Be a man, tend to your wife and children, and be the foundation of your family.

  10. camgirlkitten

    Because adult men should be fully capable of taking care of themselves, regardless of whether they are married or not.

    Children do not have that luxury, and are exclusively reliant on parents.

  11. Shelly S

    NOTHING AND NO ONE WILL EVER COME BEFORE MY CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!! My children are dependent on me until at least 18 years of age. My husband is grown. Once the children are grown we can go back to putting each other first.

  12. Red Butterfly

    Children can’t speak or defend themselves, you can. Children depend on their parents inorder to be heard and they expect you to defend them at all times. You also have a role to play, I commend your wife for what she is doing in raising your kids, if she doesn’t stand up for them, who will? Support your wife and she will give you all the attention you need, It’s not easy raising kids alone, they need their father too.

  13. queenjeanarlene

    My vows did not include that promise.
    It would depend on the situation. Is the husband an alcoholic? Is he abusive? Is he molesting the children? Is he belittling them? All of these things happen.
    I honored my husband but I was aware what can happen. He was a wonderful man. Our children were safe with him. Thank God.

  14. K

    as a parent, you put your children first above all else. & i don’t remember a woman’s wedding vow being “placing her husband above all else.” hell, they stopped the whole “obey your husband” vow because women would crack up at the altar.

    a good wife may not place her husband at the top of her priority list, but he’s going to be pretty high up there. just as a good husband places his wife high on his list. but NEVER make anything more important then your kids.

  15. Sarah S

    This is probably one of the stupidest questions ever.

    A child is more helpless than a man. Its a mothers job to teach their children how to do everything. From eating to crapping.

  16. WillBe

    Men still need a home that supports them emotionally no matter what!! we are human too …!