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Question by Donna: What is a wedding like at a Cook County Courthouse? Can you write vows and videotape?
I'm getting married soon at Cook County Courthouse in Chicago. Can we write our own short vows to read to eachother or is there not enough time for that? Also, do they allow video taping and/or pictures? Can you ask for it to be a religious ceremony? Thanks! If someone can describe how the wedding goes from beginning to end I would greatly appreciate it.

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  1. lady

    Marriages at the courthouse are Civil marriages. The officiate can NOT say any religious passages, but someone else can read a bible verse or blessing. Yes you take pictures and video tape. Where I do weddings (at the corthouse), they are scheduled for every 15 minutes, so the ceremony and pictures must be done in that time frame. There are certain “vows” that we are required to do, but you could ask to say something first, or at the end before your pronounced husband and wife. You will need to keep it short and sweet, as there is a time limit.