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my week in music - July 28
marry me 80s song
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After last week's photo, I decided I'm going to try and do this on a regular basis. Not only to share with y'all, but to also dig through my many yet shelved cds, and see what gems (and some probably not so gem-like) I'd forgotten about. Eventually I'll get some cd holders that aren't shaped suspiciously like stolen milk crates (*cough*), but one thing at a time, folks.

Eurovision: From nul points to Number One
14: UK hopes lie with 61 year old Bonnie Tyler, best known for 80s hits Total Eclipse Of The Heart and Holding Out For A Hero. Her soft-rock, country-inspired song is called Believe In Me and the verdict of the international press is that she might ...
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Renaissance man Rory McEwen's work in new exhibitions
A TV music show with an eclectic mix of performers hosted by a genial presenter who is also a musician himself – no, we're not talking Later… with Jools Holland but an earlier incarnation of the format. Hullabaloo was ... “I sat down and watched it ...
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